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DirectShowAMCameraControlMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class DirectShow MBS Win Plugin 12.4 No Yes No Yes, Windows only No
Function: This interface provides local or remote control over a camera.
Applications can use this interface to control camera settings such as zoom, pan, aperture adjustment, or shutter speed. To obtain this interface, query the filter that controls the camera.
This is an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

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  • 3 properties
  • 5 methods
    • method Constructor
    • method Get(PropertySelector as Integer, byref Value as Integer, byref Flags as Integer)
    • method GetRange(PropertySelector as Integer, byref MinValue as Integer, byref MaxValue as Integer, byref SteppingDelta as Integer, byref DefaultValue as Integer, byref CapsFlags as Integer)
    • method Set(PropertySelector as Integer, Value as Integer, Flags as Integer = 0)
    • method ShowPropertyDialog(parent as window = nil, x as integer = 0, y as integer = 0, title as string = "")
  • 9 constants


Constant Value Description
kFlagsAuto 1 The setting is controlled automatically.
kFlagsManual 2 The setting is controlled manually.


Constant Value Description
kPropertyExposure 4 Identifies the exposure setting, in log base 2 seconds. In other words, for values less than zero, the exposure time is 1/2n seconds, and for values zero or above, the exposure time is 2n seconds. For example:

kPropertyFocus 6 Specifies the camera's focus setting, as the distance to the optimally focused target, in millimeters. The range and default value are specific to the device.
kPropertyIris 5 Specifies the camera's iris setting, in units of fstop * 10.
kPropertyPan 0 Identifies the camera's pan setting, in degrees. Values range from –180 to +180, with the default set to zero. Positive values are clockwise from the origin (the camera rotates clockwise when viewed from above), and negative values are counterclockwise from the origin.
kPropertyRoll 2 Identifies the camera's roll setting, in degrees. Values range from –180 to +180, with the default set to zero. Positive values cause a clockwise rotation of the camera along the image-viewing axis, and negative values cause a counterclockwise rotation of the camera.
kPropertyTilt 1 Identifies the camera's tilt setting, in degrees. Values range from –180 to +180, with the default set to zero. Positive values point the imaging plane up, and negative values point the imaging plane down.
kPropertyZoom 3 Identifies the camera's zoom setting, in millimeters. Values range from 10 to 600, and the default is specific to the device.

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