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DirectShowAMCrossbarMBS class

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class DirectShow MBS Win Plugin 12.5 No Yes No Yes, Windows only No
Function: The IAMCrossbar interface routes signals from an analog or digital source to a video capture filter.
This interface is implemented by the Analog Video Crossbar Filter. The Analog Video Crossbar filter is modeled after a general switching matrix, with n inputs and m outputs. For example, a video card might have two external connectors: a coaxial connector for TV, and an S-video input. These would be represented as input pins on the filter. To select one of the inputs, an application would use the IAMCrossbar interface to "route" an input pin to the filter's output pin, by calling the Route method.

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Physical Type Constants

Constant Value Description
PhysConn_Audio_1394 4103 Specifies an IEEE 1394 pin for audio.
PhysConn_Audio_AESDigital 4099 Specifies an AES/EBU (Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcast Union) digital pin for audio.
PhysConn_Audio_AudioDecoder 4105 Specifies an audio decoder pin.
PhysConn_Audio_AUX 4102 Specifies an AUX pin for audio.
PhysConn_Audio_Line 4097 Specifies a line pin for audio.
PhysConn_Audio_Mic 4098 Specifies a microphone pin.
PhysConn_Audio_SCSI 4101 Specifies a SCSI pin for audio.
PhysConn_Audio_SPDIFDigital 4100 Specifies an S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) digital pin for audio.
PhysConn_Audio_Tuner 4096 Specifies a tuner pin for audio.
PhysConn_Audio_USB 4104 Specifies a USB pin for audio.
PhysConn_Video_1394 10 Specifies an IEEE 1394 pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_AUX 9 Specifies an AUX (auxiliary) pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_Black 15 Not used.
PhysConn_Video_Composite 2 Specifies a composite pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_ParallelDigital 7 Specifies a parallel digital pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_RGB 4 Specifies an RGB pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_SCART 14 Specifies a SCART (Peritel) pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_SCSI 8 Specifies a SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_SerialDigital 6 Specifies a serial digital pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_SVideo 3 Specifies an S-Video (Y/C video) pin.
PhysConn_Video_Tuner 1 Specifies a tuner pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_USB 11 Specifies a USB (Universal Serial Bus) pin for video.
PhysConn_Video_VideoDecoder 12 Specifies a video decoder pin.
PhysConn_Video_VideoEncoder 13 Specifies a video encoder pin.
PhysConn_Video_YRYBY 5 Specifies a YRYBY (Y, R–Y, B–Y) pin for video.

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