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The module OpenSSLMBS

module OpenSSLMBS
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
module Encryption and Hash MBS Encryption Plugin 13.4 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: A module for OpenSSL functions.
Notes: Please request what you miss here.

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Hash Algorithms

Constant Value Description
kAlgorithmSHA1 1 SHA 1.
kAlgorithmSHA224 2 SHA 2 with 224bit.
kAlgorithmSHA256 3 SHA 2 with 256bit.
kAlgorithmSHA384 4 SHA 2 with 384bit.
kAlgorithmSHA512 5 SHA 2 with 512bit.

Padding Options

Constant Value Description
kPaddingNone 3 Raw RSA encryption. This mode should only be used to implement cryptographically sound padding modes in the application code. Encrypting user data directly with RSA is insecure.
kPaddingPKCS1 1 PKCS #1 v1.5 padding. This currently is the most widely used mode.
kPaddingPKCS1OAEP 4 EME-OAEP as defined in PKCS #1 v2.0 with SHA-1, MGF1 and an empty encoding parameter. This mode is recommended for all new applications.
kPaddingSSLv23 2 PKCS #1 v1.5 padding with an SSL-specific modification that denotes that the server is SSL3 capable.
kPaddingX931 5 X931 padding.

Some examples which use this module:

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