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WindowsPlayerDeviceMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Audio MBS Audio Plugin 20.0 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No All
Function: This class describes the capabilities of a waveform-audio output device.
// fill devices into a popupmenu
Dim c As Integer = WindowsPlayerMBS.DeviceCount
For i As Integer = 0 To c-1
Dim d As WindowsPlayerDeviceMBS = WindowsPlayerMBS.Device(i)

PopupMenu1.AddRow d.Name+" "+Str(d.Channels)
PopupMenu1.RowTag(i) = d

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Format Constants

Constant Value Description
kFormat1M08 &h00000001 11.025 kHz, mono, 8-bit
kFormat1M16 &h00000004 11.025 kHz, mono, 16-bit
kFormat1S08 &h00000002 11.025 kHz, stereo, 8-bit
kFormat1S16 &h00000008 11.025 kHz, stereo, 16-bit
kFormat2M08 &h00000010 22.05 kHz, mono, 8-bit
kFormat2M16 &h00000040 22.05 kHz, stereo, 8-bit
kFormat2S08 &h00000020 22.05 kHz, mono, 16-bit
kFormat2S16 &h00000080 22.05 kHz, stereo, 16-bit
kFormat44M08 &h00000100 44.1 kHz, mono, 8-bit
kFormat44M16 &h00000400 44.1 kHz, mono, 16-bit
kFormat44S08 &h00000200 44.1 kHz, stereo, 8-bit
kFormat44S16 &h00000800 44.1 kHz, stereo, 16-bit
kFormat48M08 &h00001000 48 kHz, mono, 8-bit
kFormat48M16 &h00004000 48 kHz, mono, 16-bit
kFormat48S08 &h00002000 48 kHz, stereo, 8-bit
kFormat48S16 &h00008000 48 kHz, stereo, 16-bit
kFormat96M08 &h00010000 96 kHz, mono, 8-bit
kFormat96M16 &h00040000 96 kHz, mono, 16-bit
kFormat96S08 &h00020000 96 kHz, stereo, 8-bit
kFormat96S16 &h00080000 96 kHz, stereo, 16-bit
kFormatInvalid 0 Invalid value.

Support Flags

Constant Value Description
kSupportLRVolume 8 Supports separate left and right volume control.
kSupportPitch 1 Supports pitch control.
kSupportPlaybackRate 2 Supports playback rate control.
kSupportSampleAccurate 32 Returns sample-accurate position information.
kSupportSync 16 The driver is synchronous and will block while playing a buffer.
kSupportVolume 4 Supports volume control.

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