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NSDateIntervalMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Cocoa MBS MacFrameworks Plugin 20.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: An object representing the span of time between a specific start date and end date.
An NSDateIntervalMBS object represents a closed interval between two dates. The NSDateIntervalMBS class provides a programmatic interface for calculating the duration of a time interval and determining whether a date falls within it, as well as comparing date intervals and checking to see whether they intersect.
An NSDateIntervalMBS object consists of a startDate and an endDate. The startDate and endDate of a date interval can be equal, in which case its duration is 0. However, endDate cannot occur earlier than startDate.
You can use the NSDateIntervalFormatter class to create string representations of NSDateIntervalMBS objects that are suitable for display in the current locale.

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