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JavaVMMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Java MBS Java Plugin 4.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: The class for a java virtual machine.
dim vm as JavaVMMBS // global

const JNI_VERSION_1_1 = &h00010001
const JNI_VERSION_1_2 = &h00010002
const JNI_VERSION_1_4 = &h00010004

if TargetLinux then
// change path for your linux PC!
end if

dim options(-1) as string
dim f as FolderItem=GetFolderItem("test.jar")

vm=new JavaVMMBS(JNI_VERSION_1_4, options, f, false)

if vm.Handle = 0 then
MsgBox "Can't create Java VM"
MsgBox "Java Initialized."
end if
Add Linux support plugin version 8.7.

Releasing the java vm (by releasing all java objects), and reinitializing can fail.

Please make sure this Java VM object stays alive until you are done with all your java stuff. So all the java objects go away and this vm object is destroyed on the end. Because if some java code is still running like an background java thread, quitting the VM can lead into crashes.

While the plugin supports to have several instances, it seems like JNI does not support that.

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