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JavaScriptDateComponentsMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Targets
class JavaScript MBS Tools Plugin 20.1 Yes Yes Yes All
Function: The class for date components in JavaScript.
Dim j As New JavaScriptEngineMBS

// get now
Dim t1 As Double = j.Now

// as compoents
Dim d1 As JavaScriptDateComponentsMBS = j.TimeToDateComponents(t1)
Dim s1 As String = d1.SQLDateTime
// looks right?

// now convert back
Dim t2 As Double = j.DateComponentsToTime(d1)
Dim d2 As JavaScriptDateComponentsMBS = j.TimeToDateComponents(t2)
Dim s2 As String = d2.SQLDateTime
// still looks right?

Dim t3 As Double = j.DateComponentsToTime(d2)
// should be same time as above, but without fractions


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