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DynaPDFTableMBS class

class, DynaPDF, MBS DynaPDF Plugin (dynapdf), class DynaPDFTableMBS,
Plugin version: 12.4, Mac: Yes, Win: Yes, Linux: Yes, Console & Web: Yes, Feedback.

Function: The class for a table in DynaPDF.
This tables are more for doing a layout, but can also be used to show a list or a worksheet like in Excel.
This is an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

Cell Content Type Constants

Constant Value Description
kcctImage 1 Image.
kcctTable 2 Table.
kcctTemplate 3 Template.
kcctText 0 Text

Column Adjustment Constants

Constant Value Description
kcoaAdjLeft 1 Adjust the widths starting from the left side.
kcoaAdjRight 2 Adjust the widths starting from the right side.
kcoaUniqueWidth 0 Set the column widths to TableWidth / NumColumns.

Cell Orientation

Constant Value Description
kcoBottom 1 Bottom
kcoCenter 2 Center
kcoLeft 0 Left
kcoRight 1 Right
kcoTop 0 Top

Delete Content Options

Constant Value Description
kdcAllCont &h0000001F Delete all content types
kdcBackGround &h20000000 Delete background objects
kdcBoth &h30000000 Delete both foreground and background objects
kdcForeGround &h10000000 Delete foreground objects
kdcImage 2 Delete image.
kdcTable 8 Delete table.
kdcTemplate 4 Template table.
kdcText 1 Delete text.
Text is always a foreground object

Cell flags Constants

Constant Value Description
ktfAddFlags &h00000020 If used when setting flags, the flags are not replacing existing values, but added.
This way a call can set one flag and later another call can add a second flag without clearing first one.
ktfDefault 0 Default flag.
ktfHeaderRow 2 Header rows are drawn first after a page break occurred
ktfNoLineBreak 4 Prohibit line breaks in cells whith text -> Can be set to the entire table, columns, rows, and cells.
ktfScaleToRect 8 If set, the specified output width and height represents the maximum size of the image or template.
The image or template is scaled into this rectangle without changing the aspect ratio.
ktfStatic 1 This flag marks a row, column, or cell as static to avoid the deletion of the content with ClearContent().
ktfUseImageCS &h00000010 If set, images are inserted in the native image color space.

This class has no sub classes.

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