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ImageCaptureMBS.Notification(notificationType as string, notificationDictionary as dictionary)
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
event Image Capture MBS MacOSX Plugin 10.1 Yes No No No No
Function: The event called for all events coming from Image Capture.
Use RegisterForEventNotification to register for events.

The Image Capture notification event will be called with a notificationDictionary that may contain one or more key-value pairs as defined below:

KeyValue TypeComments
kICANotificationICAObjectKeyNumberAn object associated with the notification.
kICANotificationDeviceICAObjectKeyNumberA device object associated with the notification.
kICANotificationClassKeyStringSee below.
kICANotificationTypeKeyStringSee below.
kICANotificationRawEventKeyNumberThe unprocesssed event code sent by a device.
kICANotificationDataKeyData StringData associated with the event.
kICANotificationDataSizeKeyNumberSize of data associated with the event. This is used if the data is not sent with the notification. [Needed for backward compatiblity with pre-Leopard device modules].
kICANotificationDataCookieKeyNumberA token identifying the data associated with this event. This data can be retrieved by calling SendMessage with messageType set to kICAMessageGetEventData, dataType set to value of kICANotificationDataCookieKeyand dataSize set to value of kICANotificationDataSizeKey.

The following keys are present if the value of kICANotificationDataKey represents image data. The values of these keys are Numbers representing the width, height, bytes per row, start row, and number of rows of the image:

kICANotificationImageKeyDictionaryA dictionary that describes an Image associated with the notification.
kICANotificationImageDataKeyData StringImage data
kICANotificationImageWidthKeyNumberImage width in pixels
kICANotificationImageHeightKeyNumberImage height in pixels
kICANotificationImageBytesPerRowKeyNumberBytes per row in image
kICANotificationImageStartRowKeyNumberStarting row number of the image.
kICANotificationImageNumberOfRowsKeyNumberNumber of rows of image data sent in this notification.

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