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ImageCaptureMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Image Capture MBS MacOSX Plugin 10.1 Yes No No No No
Function: The base class to start with image capture.
dim m as new ImageCaptureMBS
dim list as ImageCaptureObjectMBS = m.DeviceList

if List<>Nil then
// look into properties
dim dic as Dictionary = list.PropertyDictionary

// take the devices array there
if dic<>Nil and dic.HasKey(ImageCaptureObjectMBS.kICADevicesArrayKey) then
dim a(-1) as Variant = dic.Value(ImageCaptureObjectMBS.kICADevicesArrayKey)

// display device name
for each properties as Dictionary in a
MsgBox Properties.Value("ifil")
end if
end if
This item is deprecated and should no longer be used. You can use ICDeviceMBS instead.
Deprecated. Please stop using this class soon.
On Mac OS X 10.8 some functions stop working as Apple does no longer provide 32 bit libraries.

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