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WindowsProcessMBS class

class, Windows, MBS Win Plugin (Win), class WindowsProcessMBS,
Plugin version: 17.1, Mac: No, Win: Yes, Linux: No, Console & Web: Yes, Feedback.

Function: The class to run processes on Windows.
// run command
dim w as new WindowsProcessMBS

w.CommandLine = "cmd /c dir"
w.CurrentDirectory = "C:"

if not w.run then
MsgBox w.LastErrorMessage
end if

// wait
while w.Running

// show result
dim a as Integer = w.AvailableBytesOutput
dim r as string = w.ReadOutput(a)
MsgBox r
Can be used like shell, but with more windows specific options.
For interactive shell, you need to run cmd.exe yourself.
This shell is asynchronously. For synchrones mode, please write yourself a loop waiting for process to finish.

Please read Microsoft documentation for more details:

This class has no sub classes.

Some examples which use this class:

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