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class CURL MBS CURL Plugin 18.5 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes All
Function: The class for CURL's URL parser.
dim c as new CURLSURLMBS

c.URL = " World test.pdf"

// setting URL will repair the spaces
c.path = c.Path

MsgBox c.URL

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Error Codes

Constant Value Description
kErrorBadHandle 1 An argument that should be a CURLU pointer was passed in as a NULL.
Should never happen with plugin as you would get exception.
kErrorBadPartpointer 2 A NULL pointer was passed to the 'part' argument of curl_url_get.
Should never happen with plugin as you would get exception.
kErrorBadPortNumber 4 The port number was not a decimal number between 0 and 65535.
kErrorMalformedInput 3 A malformed input was passed to a URL API function.
kErrorNoFragment 17 There is no fragment part in the URL.
kErrorNoHost 14 There is no host part in the URL.
kErrorNoOptions 13 There is no options part in the URL.
kErrorNoPassword 12 There is no password part in the URL.
kErrorNoPort 15 There is no port part in the URL.
kErrorNoQuery 16 There is no query part in the URL.
kErrorNoScheme 10 There is no scheme part in the URL.
kErrorNoUser 11 There is no user part in the URL.
kErrorOk 0 No error.
kErrorOutOfMemory 7 A memory function failed.
kErrorUnknownPart 9 An unknown part ID was passed to a URL API function.
kErrorUnsupportedScheme 5 This libcurl build doesn't support the given URL scheme.
kErrorUrlDecode 6
kErrorUserNotAllowed 8 Credentials was passed in the URL when prohibited.


Constant Value Description
kFlagsAppendQuery 256 Append a form style part.
kFlagsDefaultPort 1 Return default port number.
kFlagsDefaultScheme 4 Return default scheme if missing.
kFlagsDisallowUser 32 No user+password allowed.
kFlagsGuessScheme 512 Legacy curl-style guessing.
kFlagsNoDefaultPort 2 Act as if no port number was set, if the port number matches the default for the scheme.
kFlagsNonSupportScheme 8 Allow non-supported scheme.
kFlagsPathAsIs 16 Leave dot sequences.
kFlagsURLDecode 64 URL decode on get.
kFlagsURLEncode 128 URL encode on set.

This class has no sub classes.

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