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FAQ.I registered the MBS Plugins in my application, but later the registration dialog is shown.
Answer: There are two main reasons.
1. you may use the plugin before registering them. This is often the case if you register in a window open event and use the plugin in a control open event.
On the console on Mac OS X or Windows, you may see a message like this "MBS Plugins were used by the application before the RegisterMBSPlugin function was called. Please fix this in your code!".

2. you may have mixed different plugin versions which are not compatible.
In this case you can see a message "Internal plugin registration error." on the console on Mac OS X. Newer plugins may show a message dialog reporting this. Older version simply think they are not registered.

If the installer just merges old and new applications, users may have libraries of older and newer plugin versions in the libs folder. If your application loads the wrong version, the registration fails.

If you use remote debugging, make sure you clear the tempory files there, too. Otherwise you may have old DLLs on your hard disc which may disturb your application.

You can run into issues if you use your registration code on different places of your app. Please register only once in app.open (or app Constructor). If you have several codes, simply call them one after the other.

Also check that you only call RegisterMBSPlugin with valid serial number. If you later call RegisterMBSPlugin with Demo like in example code above, you remove the license.

Next check if you can clear the Xojo caches and that helps. This incldues the Xojo Scratch folder and the Plugins & Project caches. Simply locate those folders and delete them. For Windows look in hidden AppData folder in your user folder. For Mac, please check ~/Library/Caches and your temp folders.

Finally make sure you use the right serial number. Not an older one or a misspelled one.

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