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FAQ.How to normalize string on Mac?
Answer: Use code like below:
Function Normalize(t as string) As string
const kCFStringNormalizationFormD = 0 // Canonical Decomposition
const kCFStringNormalizationFormKD = 1 // Compatibility Decomposition
const kCFStringNormalizationFormC = 2 // Canonical Decomposition followed by Canonical Composition
const kCFStringNormalizationFormKC = 3 // Compatibility Decomposition followed by Canonical Composition

dim s as CFStringMBS = NewCFStringMBS(t)
dim m as CFMutableStringMBS = s.Normalize(kCFStringNormalizationFormD)

Return m.str
End Function
Notes: This uses Apple's CFString functions to normalize unicode variants.

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