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FAQ.How to make my Mac not sleeping?
Answer: Just inform the Mac OS about some system activity with code like this:
Sub UpdateSystemActivity()

#if TargetCarbon
declare function myUpdateSystemActivity lib "Carbon" alias "UpdateSystemActivity" (activity as Integer) as short

const OverallAct = 0 // Delays idle sleep by small amount */
const UsrActivity = 1 // Delays idle sleep and dimming by timeout time */
const NetActivity = 2 // Delays idle sleep and power cycling by small amount */
const HDActivity = 3 // Delays hard drive spindown and idle sleep by small amount */
const IdleActivity = 4 // Delays idle sleep by timeout time */

dim e as Integer


// you may react on an error if e is not 0 after the call.

End Sub
You may use another constant if you prefer some different behavior.
Call it maybe every second.

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