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FAQ.How to create PDF for image files?
Answer: You can use DynaPDF like this:
Function CreatePrintPDF(jpgFiles() as folderitem, pdfFile as FolderItem, PageWidth as Integer, PageHeight as Integer) As Boolean
// have files?
If pdfFile = Nil Then Return False
If jpgFiles = Nil Then Return False

If jpgFiles.Ubound < 0 Then Return False

// new DynaPDF
Dim pdf As New MyDynapdfMBS

// page width/height in MilliMeter
Dim pdfWidth as Integer = PageWidth * 72 / 25.4
Dim pdfHeight as Integer = PageHeight * 72 / 25.4

// put your license here
Call pdf.SetLicenseKey "Starter"

// create pdf
Call pdf.CreateNewPDF pdfFile

// set a couple of options
Call pdf.SetPageCoords(MyDynaPDFMBS.kpcTopDown)
Call pdf.SetResolution(300)
Call pdf.SetUseTransparency(False)
Call pdf.SetSaveNewImageFormat(False)
Call pdf.SetGStateFlags(MyDynaPDFMBS.kgfUseImageColorSpace, False)
Call pdf.SetJPEGQuality(100)

// set page size
Call pdf.SetBBox(MyDynaPDFMBS.kpbMediaBox, 0, 0, pdfWidth, pdfHeight)
Call pdf.SetPageWidth(pdfWidth)
Call pdf.SetPageHeight(pdfHeight)

// append pages with one image per page
For i as Integer = 0 To jpgFiles.Ubound
Call pdf.Append
Call pdf.InsertImageEx(0, 0, pdfWidth, pdfHeight, jpgFiles(i), 1)
Call pdf.EndPage

// close
Call pdf.CloseFile

Return True
End Function
This is to join image files in paper size to a new PDF.
e.g. scans in A4 into an A4 PDF.

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