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DeclareCallBackMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class DynamicDeclares MBS Util Plugin 20.3 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes All
Function: The class for a callback for use in declares.
Allows you to dynamically create callback functions.
Pass the function pointer to a C function which later calls back your callback.

Please make sure this callback object stays alive, e.g. stored in a global property. When the object is released and the callback later invoked, the application will crash.

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Calling Conventions

Constant Value Description
kCallModeEllipsis "e" C ellipsis function call
kCallModeFastCallGNU "f" C x86 Windows GCC fast call
kCallModeFastCallMS "F" C x86 Windows Microsoft fast call
kCallModePrefix "_" The character to indicate that next character in the signature is a calling convention prefix.
kCallModeStdCall "s" C x86 Windows standard call
kCallModeThisCallMS "+" C x86 Windows Microsoft this call


Constant Value Description
kTypeBool "B" bool
kTypeChar "c" char, 8 bit signed byte
kTypeDouble "d" Double, 64-bit and 8 bytes big.
kTypeEndArg ")" end of arguments symbol.
kTypeFloat "f" Single, 32-bit and 4 bytes big.
kTypeInt "i" 32-bit signed integer.
kTypeInt64 "l" 64-bit signed integer.
kTypeLong "j" 32/64-bit signed integer.
64-bit only for MacOS and Linux in 64-bit application.
Always 32-bit on Windows.
kTypePtr "p" Pointer. Maybe a reference to an object or array.
kTypeShort "s" 16-bit signed integer.
kTypeString "Z" C String with zero byte as terminator.
kTypeStruct "T" Structure
kTypeUnsignedChar "C" 8 bit unsigned byte
kTypeUnsignedInt "I" 32-bit unsigned integer.
kTypeUnsignedInt64 "L" 64-bit unsigned integer.
kTypeUnsignedLong "J" 32/64-bit unsigned integer.
64-bit only for MacOS and Linux in 64-bit application.
Always 32-bit on Windows.
kTypeUnsignedShort "S" 16-bit unsigned integer.
kTypeVoid "v" Nothing to return.

This class has no sub classes.

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