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AESMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Encryption and Hash MBS Encryption Plugin 4.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: A class for AES encryption.
dim a as AESMBS
dim key as MemoryBlock
dim data as MemoryBlock

key.CString(0)="Hello World!1234" // 16 byte key for 128bit

a=new AESMBS

if a.SetKey(key, 128) then

data.StringValue(0,16)="Hello World!"
MsgBox "Before: "+data.StringValue(0,16)
MsgBox "After encryption: "+data.StringValue(0,16)
MsgBox "After decryption: "+data.StringValue(0,16)
MsgBox "Failed"
end if
For newer projects we recommend switching to CipherMBS class.

This class has low level functions like Encrypt. It also has mid level functions like EncryptCFB/CBC. For your convenience, we also have high level functions like EncryptString.

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This class has no sub classes.

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