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DynaPDFParserMBS class   New in 24.0

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class DynaPDF MBS DynaPDF Plugin 24.0 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes All
The class for the DynaPDF Parser.
Dim pdf As New MyDynapdfMBS
... load some PDF

Dim FindText As String = "PDF"
Dim ReplaceText As String = "Test"

Dim count As Integer = pdf.GetPageCount
Dim Parser As New DynaPDFParserMBS(pdf)
Dim area As DynaPDFRectMBS = Nil // whole page
Dim SearchType As Integer = DynaPDFParserMBS.kstCaseInSensitive
Dim ContentParsingFlags As Integer = DynaPDFParserMBS.kcpfEnableTextSelection

For i As Integer = 1 To count

Dim needWrite As Boolean

If parser.ParsePage(i, ContentParsingFlags) Then

Dim found As Boolean = Parser.FindText(area, SearchType, FindText)
While found
If Parser.ReplaceSelText(ReplaceText) Then
needWrite = True
End If

found = Parser.FindText(area, SearchType, FindText, True)

If needWrite Then
Call Parser.WriteToPage
End If
End If

Allows you to do Find and Replace, text extraction and deletion of text.

Content Parser Flags

Constant Value Description
kcpfCalcDeviceColors 32 Compute device colors of all colors which are set in the content streams.
kcpfComputeBBox 1 Compute bounding boxes of all objects.
kcpfDefault 0 Nothing special to do.
kcpfEnableTextSelection &h00000100 This flag is required to enable text selection and text extraction.
kcpfFlattenLayers 2 Flatten layers.
kcpfFullRecursive 8 Parse all objects recursively.
kcpfInitMatrix &h00000200 Use an initial matrix, which must be set with InitMatrix property.
kcpfNoInlineTemplate 16 Do not resolve templates with a reference count of 1.
kcpfSkipClipPaths &h00000400 Useful for debugging purposes.
kcpfSkipImages &h00000800 Ignore all images. This flag is useful for text extraction.
kcpfSkipInvisibleObjects 4 Ignore invisible objects.
kcpfSkipShadings &h00001000 Useful for debugging purposes.
kcpfSkipText &h00002000 Useful for debugging purposes.
kcpfSkipVector &h00004000 Useful for debugging purposes. Exclude vector graphics with exception of clipping paths.

Search Types

Constant Value Description
kstCaseInSensitive 2 Case insensitive search
kstDefault 0 Case sensitive search
kstMatchAlways 4 Return on every single character. Text is ignored when this flag is set.
kstWholeWord 1 Only whole words

Text Extraction Flags

Constant Value Description
ktefDefault 0 Create text lines in the original order.
ktefDeleteOverlappingText 4 Delete duplicate text records on same position.
ktefSortTextX 1 Sort text records in x-direction.
ktefSortTextXY 3 Sort text records in x and y-direction.
ktefSortTextY 2 Sort text records in y-direction.

This class has no sub classes.

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