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A set of classes to create PDFs crossplatform.

Release notes

  • Version 24.2
    • Changed PageGraphics on DynaPDFMBS class to only set coordinate system to top-down when you query PageGraphics or when NextPage is called.
    • Fixed a bug with SetLineDashPattern event in DynaPDFParseInterfaceMBS class, where the dash array was nil instead of providing the values.
    • Fixed issue with text incorrectly placed with DynaPDFMBS class using graphics object when using rotation.
    • Improved thread safety for DynaPDFMBS class with graphics class.
  • Version 24.1
    • Added SelBBox2 method for DynaPDFParserMBS class to query all 4 points of current text box.
    • Added SelText property for DynaPDFParserMBS class to query found text.
    • Changed Bounds, GPTS and LPTS in DynaPDFMeasureMBS to be double.
    • Changed SetLicenseKey in DynaPDFMBS class to raise exception if you call it in debug mode after calling SetLicenseKeyGlobal to suggest you to remove the SetLicenseKey call.
  • Version 24.0
  • Version 23.5
  • Version 23.4
    • Added DeleteDPartNode method to DynaPDFMBS class.
    • Added kif2SkipDPartData flag for DynaPDFMBS class.
    • Added krfForceInterpolation constant for DynaPDFRasterImageMBS class.
    • Fixed HighlightOnAllPages method in DynaPDFMBS class to pass color correctly.
    • Improved FindField in DynaPDFMBS class to better find a field in a group.
  • Version 23.3
    • Added OpenTagEx, MarkTemplateAsWatermark, HaveDPartRoot, GetLastTextOffset, DeleteWatermark, CreateDPartRoot and AddDPartNode methods to DynaPDFMBS class.
  • Version 23.2
    • Fixed a problem in RenderPageToImage for DynaPDFMBS class which caused it to render only black image.
  • Version 23.1
  • Version 22.5

The items on this page are in the following plugins: MBS DynaPDF Plugin.

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