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WindowsGattCharacteristicMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Bluetooth MBS WinFrameworks Plugin 22.3 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No Desktop, Console & Web
Function: Represents a Characteristic of a GATT service.
Notes: The GattCharacteristic object represents a GATT Characteristic of a particular service, and is obtained from the Characteristics property of the GattDeviceService object.

Cache Modes

Constant Value Description
CacheModeCached 0 Cached data.
CacheModeUncached 1 Uncached data.

GATT characteristic properties

Constant Value Description
PropertiesAuthenticatedSignedWrites &h40 The characteristic supports signed writes.
PropertiesBroadcast 1 The characteristic supports broadcasting.
PropertiesExtendedProperties &h80 The ExtendedProperties Descriptor is present.
PropertiesIndicate &h20 The characteristic is indicatable.
PropertiesNone 0 The characteristic doesn’t have any properties that apply.
PropertiesNotify &h10 The characteristic is notifiable.
PropertiesRead 2 The characteristic is readable.
PropertiesReliableWrites &h100 The characteristic supports reliable writes.
PropertiesWritableAuxiliaries &h200 The characteristic has writable auxiliaries.
PropertiesWrite 8 The characteristic is writable.
PropertiesWriteWithoutResponse 4 The characteristic supports Write Without Response.

Protection Levels

Constant Value Description
ProtectionLevelAuthenticationRequired 1 Require the link to be authenticated.
ProtectionLevelEncryptionAndAuthenticationRequired 3 Require the link to be encrypted and authenticated.
ProtectionLevelEncryptionRequired 2 Require the link to be encrypted.
ProtectionLevelPlain 0 Uses the default protection level.

Status Values

Constant Value Description
StatusAccessDenied 3 Access is denied.
StatusProtocolError 2 There was a GATT communication protocol error.
StatusSuccess 0 The operation completed successfully.
StatusUnreachable 1 No communication can be performed with the device, at this time.

Write Options

Constant Value Description
WriteWithoutResponse 1 The Write Without Response procedure shall be used.
WriteWithResponse 0 The default GATT write procedure shall be used.

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