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RabbitMQConnectionMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class RabbitMQ MBS RabbitMQ Plugin 21.2 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes All
Function: The class for a RabbitMQ connection to a server.
Notes: Our plugin converts from dictionary/array/variant to/from the encoded representation used in MQ automatically.

Status constants.

Constant Value Description
kStatusBadAmqpData -2 Incorrect or corrupt data was received from the broker. This is a protocol error.
kStatusBadUrl -8 malformed AMQP URL
kStatusBrokerUnsupportedSaslMethod -19 Broker does not support the requested SASL mechanism.
kStatusConnectionClosed -7 The connection to the broker has been closed.
kStatusHeartbeatTimeout -15 Timed out waiting for heartbeat.
kStatusHostnameResolutionFailed -5 Unable to resolve the hostname.
kStatusIncompatibleAmqpVersion -6 The broker advertised an incompaible AMQP version.
kStatusInvalidParameter -10 An invalid parameter was passed into the function.
kStatusNoMemory -1 Memory allocation failed.
kStatusOk 0 Operation successful.
kStatusSocketClosed -17 Underlying socket is closed.
kStatusSocketError -9 A socket error occurred.
kStatusSocketInuse -18 Underlying socket is already open.
kStatusSslConnectionFailed -515 SSL handshake failed.
kStatusSslError -512 A generic SSL error occurred.
kStatusSslHostnameVerifyFailed -513 SSL validation of hostname against peer certificate failed.
kStatusSslPeerVerifyFailed -514 SSL validation of peer certificate failed.
kStatusTableTooBig -11 The dictionary object cannot be serialized because the output buffer is too small.
kStatusTcpError -256 A generic TCP error occurred.
kStatusTcpSocketlibInitError -257 An error occurred trying to initialize the socket library
kStatusTimeout -13 Operation timed out.
kStatusTimerFailure -14 The underlying system timer facility failed.
kStatusUnexpectedState -16 Unexpected protocol state
kStatusUnknownClass -3 An unknown AMQP class was received. This is a protocol error.
kStatusUnknownMethod -4 An unknown AMQP method was received. This is a protocol error.
kStatusUnsupported -20 Parameter is unsupported in this version.
kStatusWrongMethod -12 The wrong method was received.

TLS Version

Constant Value Description
kTLSv10 1 TLS v1.0
kTLSv11 2 TLS v1.1
kTLSv12 3 TLS v1.2
kTLSvLatest 65535 Latest TLS version available.

This class has no sub classes.

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