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MKMarkerAnnotationViewMBS class

Super class: MKAnnotationViewMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class MapKit MBS MacFrameworks Plugin 20.4 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes Desktop & iOS
Function: An annotation view that displays a balloon-shaped marker at the designated location.
Return an instance of this class from the viewForAnnotation event of your map view delegate when you want to display the same types of markers used in the Maps app.
The default displayPriority for an instance of this class is FeatureDisplayPriorityDefaultLow.

Available on macOS 11.0
Subclass of the MKAnnotationViewMBS class.

Feature Visibility

Constant Value Description
FeatureVisibilityAdaptive 0 A constant indicating that the feature adapts to the current map state.
FeatureVisibilityHidden 1 A constant indicating that the feature is always hidden.
FeatureVisibilityVisible 2 A constant indicating that the feature is always visible.

Super class MKAnnotationViewMBS

Collision Modes

Constant Value Description
CollisionModeCircle 1
CollisionModeRectangle 0

Display Priorities

Constant Value Description
DisplayPriorityDefaultHigh 750 A constant indicating that the item's display priority is high.
DisplayPriorityDefaultLow 250 A constant indicating that the item's display priority is low.
DisplayPriorityRequired 1000 A constant indicating that the item is required.

Drag States

Constant Value Description
DragStateCanceling 3 Drag was cancelled.
DragStateDragging 2 Drag is happening.
DragStateEnding 4 Drag is ending.
DragStateNone 0 No dragging.
DragStateStarting 1 Drag is starting.

Super class NSViewMBS

Window Order Constants

Constant Value Description
NSWindowAbove 1 Moves the window above the indicated window.
NSWindowBelow -1 Moves the window below the indicated window.
NSWindowOut 0 Moves the window off the screen.

Super class NSResponderMBS

This class has no sub classes.

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