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WindowsDeviceInformationPairingMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Bluetooth MBS WinFrameworks Plugin 23.4 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No Desktop, Console & Web
Contains information and enables pairing for a device.

Pairing Kinds

Constant Value Description
DevicePairingKindsConfirmOnly 1 The application must confirm they wish to perform the pairing action. more
DevicePairingKindsConfirmPinMatch 8 The application must display the given PIN to the user and ask the user to confirm that the PIN matches the one show on the target device. more
DevicePairingKindsDisplayPin 2 The application must display the given PIN to the user. more
DevicePairingKindsNone 0 No pairing is supported.
DevicePairingKindsProvidePasswordCredential 16 The application must request a user name and password from the user. more
DevicePairingKindsProvidePin 4 The application must request a PIN from the user. more

Protection Levels

Constant Value Description
DevicePairingProtectionLevelDefault 0 The default value. This should not be used.
DevicePairingProtectionLevelEncryption 2 Pair the device using encryption.
DevicePairingProtectionLevelEncryptionAndAuthentication 3 Pair the device using encryption and authentication.
DevicePairingProtectionLevelNone 1 Pair the device using no levels of protection.
ProtectionLevelAuthenticationRequired 1 Require the link to be authenticated.
ProtectionLevelEncryptionAndAuthenticationRequired 3 Require the link to be encrypted and authenticated.
ProtectionLevelEncryptionRequired 2 Require the link to be encrypted.
ProtectionLevelPlain 0 Uses the default protection level.

Pairing Status

Constant Value Description
DevicePairingResultStatusAccessDenied 12 Your application does not have the appropriate permissions level to pair the device object.
DevicePairingResultStatusAlreadyPaired 3 The device object has already been paired.
DevicePairingResultStatusAuthenticationFailure 9 Authentication failed, so the device is not paired. Either the device object or the application rejected the authentication.
DevicePairingResultStatusAuthenticationNotAllowed 8 The authentication protocol is not supported, so the device is not paired.
DevicePairingResultStatusAuthenticationTimeout 7 The authentication process timed out before it could complete.
DevicePairingResultStatusConnectionRejected 4 The device object rejected the connection.
DevicePairingResultStatusFailed 19 An unknown failure occurred.
DevicePairingResultStatusHardwareFailure 6 The device object indicated there was a hardware failure.
DevicePairingResultStatusInvalidCeremonyData 13 The ceremony data was incorrect.
DevicePairingResultStatusNoSupportedProfiles 10 There are no network profiles for this device object to use.
DevicePairingResultStatusNotPaired 2 The device object is not currently paired.
DevicePairingResultStatusNotReadyToPair 1 The device object is not in a state where it can be paired.
DevicePairingResultStatusOperationAlreadyInProgress 15 The device object is already attempting to pair or unpair.
DevicePairingResultStatusPaired 0 The device object is now paired.
DevicePairingResultStatusPairingCanceled 14 The pairing action was canceled before completion.
DevicePairingResultStatusProtectionLevelCouldNotBeMet 11 The minimum level of protection is not supported by the device object or the application.
DevicePairingResultStatusRejectedByHandler 17 The application handler rejected the pairing.
DevicePairingResultStatusRemoteDeviceHasAssociation 18 The remove device already has an association.
DevicePairingResultStatusRequiredHandlerNotRegistered 16 Either the event handler wasn't registered or a required DevicePairingKinds was not supported.
DevicePairingResultStatusTooManyConnections 5 The device object indicated it cannot accept any more incoming connections.

Unpairing Status

Constant Value Description
DeviceUnpairingResultStatusAccessDenied 3 The caller does not have sufficient permissions to unpair the device.
DeviceUnpairingResultStatusAlreadyUnpaired 1 The device object was already unpaired.
DeviceUnpairingResultStatusFailed 4 An unknown failure occurred.
DeviceUnpairingResultStatusOperationAlreadyInProgress 2 The device object is currently in the middle of either a pairing or unpairing action.
DeviceUnpairingResultStatusUnpaired 0 The device object is successfully unpaired.

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