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NSCalendarMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Cocoa MBS MacBase Plugin 12.3 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes All
Function: The calendar class for Cocoa.
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Calendar Units

Constant Value Description
kCFCalendarUnitDay 16 Specifies the day unit.
kCFCalendarUnitEra 2 Specifies the era unit.
kCFCalendarUnitHour 32 Specifies the hour unit.
kCFCalendarUnitMinute 64 Specifies the minute unit.
kCFCalendarUnitMonth 8 Specifies the month unit.
kCFCalendarUnitQuarter 2048 Specifies the quarter-year unit.
kCFCalendarUnitSecond 128 Specifies the second unit.
kCFCalendarUnitWeekday 256 Specifies the weekday unit.
The weekday units are the numbers 1-N (where for the Gregorian calendar N=7 and 1 is Sunday).
kCFCalendarUnitWeekdayOrdinal 512 Specifies the ordinal weekday unit.
The weekday ordinal unit describes ordinal position within the month unit of the corresponding weekday unit. For example, in the Gregorian calendar a weekday ordinal unit of 2 for a weekday unit 3 indicates "the second Tuesday in the month".
kCFCalendarUnitWeekOfMonth 4096 Specifies the original week of a month calendar unit.
kCFCalendarUnitWeekOfYear 8192 Specifies the original week of the year calendar unit.
kCFCalendarUnitYear 4) Specifies the year unit.
kCFCalendarUnitYearForWeekOfYear 16384 Specifies the relative year for a week within a year calendar unit.

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