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DynaPDFMBS constants

Destination object type

Constant Value Description
kadAnnotation 0 Destination is annotation handle.
kadCatalog 1 Destination is root object of document (no handle).
kadField 2 Destination is field handle.
kadImage 3 Destination is image handle.
kadPage 4 Destination is page handle.
kadTemplate 5 Destination is template handle.

Application Event Constants

Constant Value Description
kaeExport 1 Export
kaePrint 2 Print
kaeView 4 View

Constants for the annotation flatten flags.

Constant Value Description
kaffFormFields 16 If set, form fields will be flattened too.
kaffKeepEmptySigFields &h00008000 If set, signature fields which are not already signed will be kept.
kaffKeepFileAttach &h00002000 If set, file attachment annotations will be kept.
kaffKeepLinkAnnots &h00001000 If set, link annotations will be kept.
kaffKeepTextAnnots &h00004000 If set, text annotations will be kept.
kaffMarkupAnnots 2 If set, markup annotations are flattened only. Link, Sound, or FileAttach annotations are no markup annotations. These types will be left intact.
kaffNone 0 Printable annotations independent of the type.
By default all annotations which have an appearance stream and which have the print flag set are flattened.
All annotations are deleted when the function returns with the exception of file attachment annotations.
If you want to flatten the view state then set the flag affUseViewState.
kaffNonPDFA_1 4 Flatten all annotations which are unsupported in PDF/A 1.
kaffNonPDFA_2 8 Flatten all annotations which are unsupported in PDF/A 2/3.
kaffPreserveZOrder &h00400000 If set, preserve the z-order under any curcumstances. That means visible overlapping annotations or form fields will be flattened, regardless the type.
kaffSigFields 64 Meaningful only if affFormFields is not set. If set, signed signature fields will be flattened.
kaffUseFieldViewState 32 Meaningful only if kaffFormFields or kaffSigFields is set. If set, flatten the view state of form fields. Use the print state otherwise.
kaffUseViewState 1 If set, annotations which are visible in a viewer become flattened.

Annotation flag constants for SetAnnotFlags

Constant Value Description
kafHidden 2 One of the three options to hide the annotation (see dynapdf manual)
kafInvisible 1 One of the three options to hide the annotation (see dynapdf manual)
kafLocked &h00000080 (PDF 1.4) If set, do not allow the annotation to be deleted or its properties (including position and size) to be modified by the user. However, this flag does not restrict changes to the annotation’s contents.
kafLockedContents &h00000200 (PDF 1.7) If set, do not allow the contents of the annotation to be modified by the user. This flag does not restrict deletion of the annotation or changes to other annotation properties, such as position and size.
kafNone 0 No flags are set
kafNoRotate 16 Do not rotate the annotation
kafNoView 32 One of the three options to hide the annotation (see dynapdf manual)
kafNoZoom 8 Do not zoom the annotation
kafPrint 4 Annotation is printable
kafReadOnly 64 Changes are not allowed.
kafToggleNoView &h00000100 (PDF 1.5) If set, invert the interpretation of the NoView flag for certain events.

Constants for annotation icons

Constant Value Description
kaiComment 0
kaiHelp 1
kaiInsert 2
kaiKey 3
kaiNewParagraph 4
kaiNote 5
kaiParagraph 6


Constant Value Description
karAlternative 4 This key must be used for ZUGFeRD compatible invoices
karAssociated 0
karData 1
karSource 2
karSupplement 3

Annotation Migration State

Constant Value Description
kasAccepted 1 Accepted
kasCancelled 3 Cancelled
kasCompleted 4 Completed
kasCreateReply 5 Don't add a migration state, create a reply instead. Set the contents of the reply with SetAnnotString.
kasNone 0 Undefined
kasRejected 2 Rejected

Annotation string type constants for SetAnnotString.

Constant Value Description
kasAuthor 0 Author
kasContent 1 Content
kasName 2 Name
kasRichStyle 4 Default style string. -> FreeText annotations only.
kasRichText 5 Rich text string. -> Supported by markup annotations.
kasSubject 3 Subject

Constants for annotation types.

Constant Value Description
kat3D 19 PDF 1.6
katCaret 0
katCircle 1
katFileAttach 21 PDF 1.3
katFileLink 2
katFreeText 3
katHighlight 4
katInk 5
katLine 6
katMovieAnnot 25 PDF 1.2
katPageLink 7
katPolygon 8
katPolyLine 9
katPopUp 10
katPrinterMark 26 PDF 1.4
katProjection 27 PDF 1.7 Extension Level 3
katRedact 22 PDF 1.7
katRichMedia 28 PDF 1.7 Extension Level 3
katScreen 29 PDF 1.5
katSoundAnnot 20 PDF 1.2
katSquare 11
katSquiggly 12 Highlight annotation
katStamp 13
katStrikeOut 14 Highlight annotation
katText 15 Also used as container to store the State Model
katTrapNet 30 PDF 1.3
katUnderline 16 Highlight annotation
katUnknown 24 Unknown annotation type
katWatermark 23 PDF 1.6
katWebLink 17 A Link annotation with an associated URI action
katWidget 18 Form Fields are handled separately

3D Activation Type constants.

Constant Value Description
kat3D_AppDefault 0 Default.
kat3D_Explicit 3 The annotation should remain inactive until explicitely activated by a script or action (default).
kat3D_PageOpen 1 The annotaiton should be activated when the page is opened.
kat3D_PageVisible 2 The annotaiton should be activated when the page becomes visible.

Constants for action types.

Constant Value Description
katGoTo 0
katGoTo3DView 16 PDF 1.6
katGoToR 1
katHide 2
katImportData 3
katJavaScript 4
katLaunch 5
katMovie 6
katNamed 7
katRendition 8 PDF 1.5
katReset 9 Reset Form
katRichMediaExec 18 PDF 1.7 Extension Level 3
katSetOCGState 10 PDF 1.5
katSound 11
katSubmit 12 Submit Form
katThread 13
katTransition 14
katURI 15

Constants for parameter of the viewer preference.

Constant Value Description
kavDirectionL2R 8
kavDirectionR2L 16
kavNone 0
kavNonFullScrUseNone 1
kavNonFullScrUseOC &h00000400
kavNonFullScrUseOutlines 2
kavNonFullScrUseThumbs 4
kavViewPrintArtBox 32
kavViewPrintBleedBox 64
kavViewPrintCropBox &h00000080
kavViewPrintMediaBox &h00000100
kavViewPrintTrimBox &h00000200

Button Caption Constants

Constant Value Description
kbcpCaptionAbove 3 Caption above the image
kbcpCaptionBelow 2 Caption below the image
kbcpCaptionLeft 5 Caption on the left of the image
kbcpCaptionOnly 0 Default
kbcpCaptionOver 6 Caption overlaid directly on the image
kbcpCaptionRight 4 Caption on the right of the image
kbcpImageOnly 1 No caption; image only

Annotation Border Effects

Constant Value Description
kbeCloudy1 1 Circle diameter 9 units
kbeCloudy2 2 Circle diameter 17 units
kbeSolid 0 Default

Font Base Encoding

Constant Value Description
kbeMacExpert 2 Mac Expert encoding.
kbeMacRoman 1 Mac Roman encoding.
kbeStandard 3 Standard encoding is a special encoding for Type1 fonts.
kbeWinAnsi 0 This represents the Windows code page 1252.

Constants for blend modes.

Constant Value Description
kbmColor 2 Color
kbmColorBurn 3 Color Burn
kbmColorDodge 4 Color Dodge
kbmDarken 5 Darken
kbmDifference 6 Difference
kbmExclusion 7 Exclusion
kbmHardLight 8 Hard Light
kbmHue 9 Hue
kbmLighten 10 Lighten
kbmLuminosity 11 Luminosity
kbmMultiply 12 Multiply
kbmNormal 1 Normal
kbmNotSet 0 Non Set.
kbmOverlay 13 Overlay
kbmSaturation 14 Saturation
kbmScreen 15 Screen
kbmSoftLight 16 Soft Light.

Constants for bidirectional mode.

Constant Value Description
kbmLeftToRight 0 Apply the bidi algorithm on Unicode strings in Left to Right layout.
kbmNone 2 Default -> do not apply the bidi algorithm..
kbmRightToLeft 1 Apply the bidi algorithm on Unicode strings in Right to Left layout.

Bookmark Text Style Constants

Constant Value Description
kbmsBold 2 Bold
kbmsItalic 1 Italic
kbmsNormal 0 Normal

Constants for border styles.

Constant Value Description
kbsBevelled 1
kbsDashed 4
kbsInset 2
kbsSolid 0
kbsUnderline 3

Constants for button states.

Constant Value Description
kbsDown 1
kbsRollOver 2
kbsUp 0

PDF base Tag Constants

Constant Value Description
kbtAnnot 2 An annotation must be inserted to finish the tag!
kbtArt 0
kbtArtifact 1
kbtBibEntry 3 BibEntry -> Bibliography entry
kbtBlockQuote 4
kbtCaption 5
kbtCode 6
kbtDiv 7
kbtDocument 8
kbtFigure 9
kbtForm 10 A form field must be inserted to finish the tag!
kbtFormula 11
kbtH 12
kbtH1 13
kbtH2 14
kbtH3 15
kbtH4 16
kbtH5 17
kbtH6 18
kbtIndex 19
kbtLink 20 A link annotation must be inserted to finish the tag (FileLink(), PageLink(), or WebLink()!
kbtList 21 L
kbtListElem 22 LI, -> Correct nesting: btList/btListElem
kbtListText 23 LBody -> Correct nesting: btList/btListElem/btListText
kbtNote 24
kbtP 25
kbtPart 26
kbtQuote 27
kbtReference 28
kbtSection 29 Sect
kbtSpan 30
kbtTable 31
kbtTableDataCell 32 TD
kbtTableHeader 33 TH
kbtTableRow 34 TR
kbtTOC 35
kbtTOCEntry 36 TOCI

Checkbox state constants.

Constant Value Description
kcbChecked 1
kcbUnChecked 2
kcbUnknown 0

Flag constants for ComputeBBox

Constant Value Description
kcbfIgnoreWhiteAreas 1 Ignore white vector graphics or text.
kcbfNone 0
kcbfParse1BitImages 2 Find the visible area in 1 bit images. This is the most important case since scanned faxes are usually 1 bit images.
kcbfParseAllImages 14 Find the visible area in all images.
kcbfParseColorImages 8 Find the visible area in color images. This is usually not required and slow downs processing a lot.
kcbfParseGrayImages 4 Find the visible area in gray images.

Checkbox character constants.

Constant Value Description
kccCheck 0
kccCircle 1
kccCross1 2
kccCross2 3
kccCross3 4
kccCross4 5
kccDiamond 6
kccSquare 7
kccStar 8

Flag constants for color conversion.

Constant Value Description
kccfBW_To_Gray 0 Default, RGB Black and White set with rg or RG inline operators are converted to gray
kccfRGB_To_Gray 1 If set, inline color operators rg and RG are converted to gray
kccfToGrayAdjust 2 Converts RGB and gray inline operators to gray and allows to darken or lighten the colors.

Compression filter constants

Constant Value Description
kcfCCITT3 2 PDF or TIFF output -> B&W CCITT Fax G3 compression -> fast but less compression ratio
kcfCCITT4 3 PDF or TIFF output -> B&W CCITT Fax G4 compression -> slower but higher compression ratio
kcfConvGrayToOtsu &h00002000 The Otsu filter is a special filter to produce black & white images. It is very useful if an OCR scan should be applied on the resulting 1 bit image. The flag is considered in AddRasImage(), RenderPDFFile(), and RenderPageToImage() if the pixel format was set to pxfGray.
kcfDitherFloydSteinberg &h00001000 Floyd Steinberg dithering. Special flags for AddRasImage(). These flags can be combined with the filters cfFlate, cfCCITT3, cfCCITT4, and LZW.
kcfFlate 0 PDF or TIFF output
kcfFlateBW 6 TIFF, PNG, or BMP output -> Dithered black & white output. The resulting image will be compressed with Flate or left uncompressed if the output image format is a bitmap. If you want to use CCITT Fax 4 compression (TIFF only) set the flag icUseCCITT4 in the AddImage() function call. Note that this filter is not supported for PDF creation!
kcfJBIG2 8 JBIG2 for PDF output only.
kcfJP2K 7 PDF or JPEG2000 output
kcfJPEG 1 PDF, JPEG, or TIFF output
kcfLZW 4 TIFF or GIF output -> Very fast but less compression ratios than flate
kcfLZWBW 5 TIFF output -> Very fast but less compression ratios than flate. For black and white.
kcfNone &h000000FF No compression, only for TIFF format.
kcfOrderedDithering &h00004000 Ordered dithering. The difference in comparison to the pixel format pxf1Bit is that we render into a GrayA buffer instead of a native 1 bit buffer since this one produces incorrect results in certain transparency calculations.

Constants for collection columns.

Constant Value Description
kcisCompressedSize 8 The compressed file size.
Data value comes from the embedded file.
kcisCreationDate 0 The creation date of this file.
Data value comes from the embedded file.
kcisCustomDate 5 User defined date.
kcisCustomNumber 6 User defined number.
kcisCustomString 7 User defined string.
kcisDescription 1 The description of the file.
Data value comes from the embedded file.
kcisFileName 2 The file name.
Data value comes from the embedded file.
kcisModDate 3 The modification date.
Data value comes from the embedded file.
kcisSize 4 The file size.
Data value comes from the embedded file.

Collection View Constants

Constant Value Description
kcivCustom 4 Custom: PDF 1.7 Extension Level 3, the collection view is presented by a SWF file.
kcivDetails 1 Details.
kcivHidden 3 Hidden.
kcivNotSet 0 Not set.
kcivTile 2 Title.

Compression level constants.

Constant Value Description
kclDefault 1
kclFastest 2
kclMax 3
kclNone 0

Clear Rect Modes

Constant Value Description
kClearRectModeDefault 0 Let all ClearRect calls pass through.
kClearRectModeIgnoreAll 2 Ignore all clearRect calls.
kClearRectModeIgnoreBig 1 Ignore clear rect calls bigger than half of page size.

Constants for clipping mode.

Constant Value Description
kcmEvenOdd 0
kcmWinding 1

Constants for color modes.

Constant Value Description
kcmFill 0
kcmFillStroke 2
kcmStroke 1

Check flag constants for CheckConformance.

Constant Value Description
kcoAllowDeviceSpaces &h40000000 If set, device color spaces will not be replaced with ICC based color spaces. This flag is meaningful for normalization only.
kcoApplyExportState &h00020000 Meaningful only if coDeleteAppEvents is set. Apply the export state.
kcoApplyPrintState &h00040000 Meaningful only if coDeleteAppEvents is set. Apply the print state.
kcoCheckImages &h00800000 Images will be decompressed to identify damages.
kcoDefault &h0010FFFF Default flags
kcoDeleteActionsAndScripts 8 Delete actions and scripts. Imported files only.
kcoDeleteAlternateImages &h00000800 Delete alternate images.
Alternate images are seldom used and prohibited in PDF/A.
kcoDeleteAppEvents &h00008000 PDF/A 2 and 3. Application events are prohibited in PDF/A. The view state will be applied.
kcoDeleteDamagedImages &h01000000 Meaningful only if coCheckImages is set.
kcoDeleteEmbeddedFiles &h00000080 Delete embedded files. Imported files only
kcoDeleteHalftones &h00100000 Delete halftone screens.
kcoDeleteInvRenderingIntent 16 Delete rendering intent. Imported files only
kcoDeleteMultiMediaContents 4 Delete multimedia content. Imported files only.
kcoDeleteOPIComments &h00000100 Delete OPI comments. Imported files only
kcoDeletePostscript &h00000400 Delete Postscript XObjects.
kcoDeletePresentation &h00400000 Presentations are prohibited in PDF/A 2 and 3.
kcoDeleteReplies &h00080000 Delete annotation replies. If absent, replies will be converted to regular text annotations.
kcoDeleteSignatures &h00000200 Delete signatures. Imported files only
kcoDeleteTransferFuncs 2 Delete transfer functions. Imported files only
kcoEmbedSubsets 1 Already done.
kcoFlattenFormFields 32 Flatten form fields.
kcoFlattenLayers &h00200000 PDF/A 1b only. Flatten layers if any.
kcoFlushPages &h20000000 Write converted pages directly into the output file to reduce the memory usage.
kcoMakeLayerVisible &h00004000 PDF/A 2 and 3 prohibit invisible layers. Layers can also be flattened if this is no option.
kcoNoFontEmbedding &h10000000 Normalization only.
If this flag is set not PDF/A file will be produced!
kcoReComprJPEG2000Images &h00001000 Recompresses JPEG 2000 as flate images.
Recompression results in lower quality and usually in larger images. It is often better to keep such files as is.
kcoRepairDamagedImages &h02000000 Meaningful only if coCheckImages is set. If set, try to recompress a damaged image. The new image is maybe incomplete but error free. This flag can be combined with coDeleteDamagedImages to delete the image if recompression fails.
kcoReplaceV4ICCProfiles 64 Replace V4 ICC Profiles. Imported files only
kcoReplCCITTFaxWithFlate &h00010000 Replace CCITT Fax compression with Flate.
kcoResetAnnotAppearance &h80000000 If set, appearance streams of annotations are rebuild before executing CheckConformance.
kcoResolveOverprint &h00002000 PDF/A 2 and 3. Set the overprint mode to 0 if the overprint mode = 1 and if overprinting for fill or stroke is true and if a ICCBased CMYK color space is used. Note that DeviceCMYK is treated as ICCBased color space due to implicit color conversion rules.

Cell Orientation

Constant Value Description
kcoBottom 1 Bottom
kcoCenter 2 Center
kcoLeft 0 Left
kcoRight 1 Right
kcoTop 0 Top

Code Page Constants

Constant Value Description
kcp1250 0
kcp1251 1
kcp1252 2
kcp1253 3
kcp1254 4
kcp1255 5
kcp1256 6
kcp1257 7
kcp1258 8
kcp437 23
kcp737 24
kcp775 25
kcp850 26
kcp852 27
kcp855 28
kcp857 29
kcp860 30
kcp861 31
kcp862 32
kcp863 33
kcp864 34
kcp865 35
kcp866 36
kcp869 37
kcp874 38
kcp8859_10 17
kcp8859_13 18
kcp8859_14 19
kcp8859_15 20
kcp8859_16 21
kcp8859_2 9
kcp8859_3 10
kcp8859_4 11
kcp8859_5 12
kcp8859_6 13
kcp8859_7 14
kcp8859_8 15
kcp8859_9 16
kcpAdobeStd 63 Internal -> not usable
kcpBig5 58 Big5 plus HKSCS extension.
kcpCJK_2022_CN_Uni 47 ISO-2022-CN-EXT (GB-2312 plus ISO-11643 Planes 1-7).
kcpCJK_2022_JP_Uni 48 ISO-2022-JP.
kcpCJK_2022_KR_Uni 49 ISO-2022-KR.
kcpCJK_646_CN_Uni 50 ISO-646-CN (GB-1988-80).
kcpCJK_646_JP_Uni 51 ISO-646-JP (JIS_C6220-1969-RO).
kcpCJK_932_Uni 53 Microsoft extended version of SHIFT_JIS.
kcpCJK_949_Uni 54 EUC-KR extended with UHC (Unified Hangul Codes).
kcpCJK_950_Uni 55 Microsoft extended version of Big5.
kcpCJK_Big5_Uni 40 Big5 plus HKSCS extension.
kcpCJK_EUC_JP_Uni 41 EUC-JP.
kcpCJK_EUC_KR_Uni 42 EUC-KR.
kcpCJK_EUC_TW_Uni 43 CNS-11643-1992 (Planes 1-15).
kcpCJK_GB12345_Uni 45 GB-12345-1990 (Traditional Chinese form of GB-2312).
kcpCJK_GBK_Uni 44 GBK is the Microsoft code page 936 (GB2312, EUC-CN plus GBK extension).
kcpCJK_HZ_Uni 46 Mixed ASCII / GB-2312 encoding
kcpCJK_IR_165_Uni 52 ISO-IR-165 (extended version of GB-2312).
kcpDingbats 68 Internal -> Special encoding for ZapfDingbats
kcpExtCMap 67 Internal -> not usable. This code page is set when a font was loaded with an external cmap.
kcpGB2312 59 GB2312 charset plus GBK and cp936 extension.
kcpGlyphIndexes 65 Internal -> not usable
kcpJohab 61 The Johab text encoding.
kcpMacRoman 62 The Mac Roman text encoding.
kcpRoman8 70 This is a standard PCL 5/6 code page.
kcpShiftJIS 57 ShiftJIS charset plus code page 932 extension.
kcpSymbol 22
kcpUnicode 39
kcpWansung 60 The Wansung encoding.

Flags for Line Caption Position

Constant Value Description
kcpInline 0 The caption is centered inside the line.
kcpTop 1 The caption is drawn on top of the line.

Line cap style constants

Constant Value Description
kcsButtCap 0 Butt cap.
kcsRoundCap 1 Round cap.
kcsSquareCap 2 Square cap.

Colorspace constants.

Constant Value Description
kcsDeviceCMYK 1
kcsDeviceGray 2
kcsDeviceRGB 0

Conformance type constants.

Constant Value Description
kctFacturX_Basic 13 Set the FacturX conformance level to Basic.
kctFacturX_Basic_WL 14 Set the FacturX conformance level to Basic WL.
kctFacturX_Comfort 15 Set the FacturX conformance level to Comfort.
kctFacturX_Extended 16 Set the FacturX conformance level to Extended.
kctFacturX_Minimum 12 Set the FacturX conformance level to Minimum.
kctFacturX_XRechnung 17 German XRechnung profile
kctNormalize 1 Check the file for errors, rebuild all embedded fonts plus options.
kctPDFA_1b_2005 0 Convert the file to PDF/A if possible.
kctPDFA_2b 2 Convert the file to PDF/A 2b if possible
kctPDFA_3b 3 Convert the file to PDF/A 3b if possible
kctZUGFeRD2_Basic 8 Set the ZUGFeRD 2.0 conformance level to Basic.
kctZUGFeRD2_Basic_WL 9 Set the ZUGFeRD 2.0 conformance level to Basic WL.
kctZUGFeRD2_Comfort 10 Set the ZUGFeRD 2.0 conformance level to Comfort (EN 169319).
kctZUGFeRD2_Extended 11 Set the ZUGFeRD 2.0 conformance level to Extended.
kctZUGFeRD2_Minimum 7 Set the ZUGFeRD 2.0 conformance level to Minimum.
kctZUGFeRD_Basic 4 Set the ZUGFeRD conformance level to Basic
This constant convert the file to PDF/A 3b and set the whished ZUGFeRD conformance level in the XMP metadata. CheckConformance() does not validate the XML invoice but it checks whether it is present. Setting the correct ZUGFeRD conformance level is very important since this value defines which fields must be present in the XML invoice.
kctZUGFeRD_Comfort 5 Set the ZUGFeRD conformance level to Comfort
This constant convert the file to PDF/A 3b and set the whished ZUGFeRD conformance level in the XMP metadata. CheckConformance() does not validate the XML invoice but it checks whether it is present. Setting the correct ZUGFeRD conformance level is very important since this value defines which fields must be present in the XML invoice.
kctZUGFeRD_Extended 6 Set the ZUGFeRD conformance level to Extended
This constant convert the file to PDF/A 3b and set the whished ZUGFeRD conformance level in the XMP metadata. CheckConformance() does not validate the XML invoice but it checks whether it is present. Setting the correct ZUGFeRD conformance level is very important since this value defines which fields must be present in the XML invoice.

Constants for draw direction.

Constant Value Description
kddClockwise 1 Clockwise.
kddCounterClockwise 0 Counter Clockwise.

PDF Date and Time format constants.

Constant Value Description
kdf12HR_MM 15 e.g. 2pm:59
kdf12HR_MM_SS 17 e.g. 2pm:59:59
kdf24HR_MM 14 e.g. 14:59
kdf24HR_MM_SS 16 e.g. 14:59:59
kdfDD_MMM_YY 6 e.g. 24 Dec 99
kdfD_MMM 4 e.g. 24 Dec
kdfD_MMM_YY 5 e.g. 24 Dec 99
kdfMMMM_D_YYYY 11 e.g. December 24 1999
kdfMMMM_YY 9 e.g. December 99
kdfMMM_D_YYYY 10 e.g. Dec 24 1999
kdfMMM_YY 8 e.g. Dec 99
kdfMM_D 0 e.g. 12/24
kdfMM_DD_YY 2 e.g. 12/24/99
kdfMM_YY 3 e.g. 12 99
kdfM_D_YY 1 e.g. 12 24 99
kdfM_D_YY_HH_MM 13 e.g. 12/24/99 14:59
kdfM_D_YY_H_MM_TT 12 e.g. 12/24/99 14:59:59
kdfYY_MM_DD 7 e.g. 99.12.24

Decode Filter constants

Constant Value Description
kdfASCII85Decode 1
kdfASCIIHexDecode 2
kdfCCITTFaxDecode 3
kdfDCTDecode 4
kdfFlateDecode 5
kdfJBIG2Decode 6
kdfJPXDecode 7
kdfLZWDecode 8
kdfNone 0
kdfRunLengthDecode 9

De-instantiation type constants for Set3DAnnotProps.

Constant Value Description
kdi3D_AppDefault 0
kdi3D_Instantiated 2 The annotation will be instantiated but animations are disabled.
kdi3D_Live 3 The annotation will be instantiated and animations are enabled (default).
kdi3D_UnInstantiated 1 The annotation will be uninstantiated (default)

Document Information Constants

Constant Value Description
kdiAuthor 0 Author Name
kdiCompany 6 Company Name
kdiCreationDate 10 Creation Date
kdiCreator 1 Creator Name
kdiCustom 8 User defined key
kdiKeywords 2 Keywords
kdiModDate 11 Modification date.
kdiPDFX_Conf 9
kdiPDFX_Ver 7 GetInDocInfo() only -> The PDF/X version is set by SetPDFVersion()!
kdiProducer 3 Producer Name
kdiSubject 4 Subject line
kdiTitle 5 Title tag.

Draw Mode Constants

Constant Value Description
kdmClipping 7
kdmFillClip 4
kdmFillStroke 2
kdmFillStrokeClip 6
kdmInvisible 3
kdmNormal 0
kdmStroke 1
kdmStrokeClip 5

Constants for Duplex Mode

Constant Value Description
kdpmFlipLongEdge 3 flip long edge
kdpmFlipShortEdge 2 flip short edge
kdpmNone 0 Use the default value of the viewer
kdpmSimplex 1 Simplex

Constants for thousand and decimal separators.

Constant Value Description
kdsCommaDot 0 1,234.56
kdsDotComma 2 1.234,56
kdsNoneComma 3 1234,56
kdsNoneDot 1 1234.56

3D DeActivateType constants.

Constant Value Description
kdt3D_AppDefault 0
kdt3D_Explicit 3 The annotation should remain active until explicitely deactivated by a script or action.
kdt3D_PageClosed 1 The annotaiton should be deactivated as soon as the page is closed.
kdt3D_PageInvisible 2 The annotaiton should be deactivated as soon as the page becomes invisible (default).

Date Types

Constant Value Description
kdtCreationDate 0 Creation Date, Markup annotations only.
kdtModDate 1 Modification Date, Annotations or form fields.

Destination type constants for a link

Constant Value Description
kdtFit 1 no parameters
kdtFitB 5 no parameters
kdtFitBH_Top 6 one parameter (a)
kdtFitBV_Left 7 one parameter (a)
kdtFitH_Top 2 one parameter
kdtFitV_Left 3 one parameter (a)
kdtFit_Rect 4 four parameters (a, b, c, d) -> (left, bottom, right, top)
kdtXY_Zoom 0 Three parameters (a, b, c) -> (X, Y, Zoom)

Embedded File Location Values

Constant Value Description
keflChild 0 The file is an embedded file in the current document.
keflChildAnnot 1 The file is located in a file attachment annotion in the current document.
keflExternal 2 The file is an embedded file in an external document.
keflExternalAnnot 3 The file is located in a file attachment annotion in an external document.
keflParent 4 The file is located in the parent document.
keflParentAnnot 5 The file is located in a file attachment annotion in the parent document.

Flags for EnumHostFontEx event

Constant Value Description
kefpAnsiPath 0 Code page 1252 on Windows, UTF-8 otherwise. The font has embedding rights.
kefpEditable 4 If set, the font has editing rights (important for form fields).
kefpEmbeddable 2 The font has embedding rights.
kefpUnicodePath 1 FilePath is in Unicode format. Make a typecast to (UI16*) in this case. The plugin handles that for you.
kleButt 1 Butt
kleCircle 2 Circle
kleClosedArrow 3 Left Close Arrow
kleDiamond 4 Diamond
kleNone 0 No end
kleOpenArrow 5 Left Open Arrow
kleRClosedArrow 6 Right Close Arrow
kleROpenArrow 7 Right Open Arrow
kleSlash 8 Slash
kleSquare 9 Square

Error mode constants.

Constant Value Description
kemAllErrors &h0000FFFF All errors
kemFileError 8 File Error
kemFontError 16 Font Error
kemIgnoreAll 0 Ignore All
kemLogFonts &h00010000 If set, CheckConformance() logs which fonts were replaced with system fonts or converted to Type3.
kemLogFontsVerbose &h00020000 If set, the path to the font file is added to the message too. Use with kemLogFonts.
kemNoFuncNames &h10000000 Do not print function names in error messages
kemSyntaxError 1 Syntax Error
kemUseErrLog &h20000000 Redirect all error messages to the error log.
kemValueError 2 Value Error
kemWarning 4 Warning

Error Event Results

Constant Value Description
kErrorEventContinue 0 Please return zero to ignore the error and continue with your code.
kErrorEventRaise -2 Please return -2 to raise an exception.
kErrorEventStop -1 Please return -1 to stop processing.

Extended color space constants.

Constant Value Description
kesCalGray 3 CIE-based color space
kesCalRGB 4 CIE-based color space
kesDeviceCMYK 1 Device color space
kesDeviceGray 2 Device color space
kesDeviceN 10 Special color space
kesDeviceRGB 0 Device color space
kesICCBased 6 CIE-based color space -> contains an ICC profile
kesIndexed 8 Special color space
kesLab 5 CIE-based color space
kesNChannel 11 Special color space
kesPattern 7 Special color space
kesSeparation 9 Special color space

Fle attach icon constants.

Constant Value Description
kfaiGraph 0 Graph.
kfaiPaperClip 1 Paper Clip
kfaiPushPin 2 Push Pin
kfaiTag 3 Tag

Font Base Type constants

Constant Value Description
kfbtDisabled 4 This value can be used to disable a specific font format. See SetFontSearchOrder() for further information.
kfbtOpenType 2 OpenType font with Postscript outlines
kfbtStdFont 3 PDF Standard font
kfbtTrueType 0 TrueType, TrueType Collections, or OpenType fonts with TrueType outlines
kfbtType1 1 Type1 font

Field or annotation colors Constants.

Constant Value Description
kfcBackColor 0
kfcBorderColor 1
kfcTextColor 2

Field Flags Constants.

Constant Value Description
kffComb &h01000000 PDF 1.5 Text fields only
kffDoNotScroll &h00800000 PDF 1.4 Text fields only
kffDoNotSpellCheck &h00400000 PDF 1.4 Text fields, combo boxes. If the field is a combo box, this flag is meaningful only if ffEdit is also set.
kffEdit &h00040000 Combo boxes only
kffFileSelect &h00100000 PDF 1.4 Text fields only
kffHidden 16
kffInvisible 8
kffMultiline &h00001000 Text fields only
kffMultiSelect &h00200000 PDF 1.4 List boxes only
kffNoExport 4
kffNoRotate &h00000080
kffNoToggleToOff &h00004000 Radio buttons
kffNoView &h00000100
kffNoZoom 64
kffPassword &h00002000 Text fields only
kffPrint 32
kffReadOnly 1
kffRequired 2
kffSorted &h00080000 Use this flag to change the sort flag of combo boxes or list boxes

Font File Subtype constants

Constant Value Description
kffsCIDFontType0C 1 CFF based Type1 CID font
kffsCIDFontType2 4 TrueType based CID Font
kffsNoSubtype 9 The font file is in the format of FontType
kffsOpenType 2 TrueType based OpenType font
kffsOpenTypeC 3 CFF based OpenType font
kffsType1C 0 CFF based Type1 font.

Fillmode constants

Constant Value Description
kfmClose 11 Close the path, but do not fill or stroke it. More vertices are required or stroke the path in a separate step.
kfmFill 3 Fill path.
kfmFillEvOdd 6 Fill even odd.
kfmFillEvOddNoClose 8 Fill even odd and no close.
kfmFillNoClose 0 Fill, but don't close.
kfmFillStroke 5 Fill and stroke.
kfmFillStrokeEvOdd 7 Fill and stroke even odd.
kfmFillStrokeEvOddNoClose 9 Fill and stroke even odd, no close.
kfmFillStrokeNoClose 2 Fill, Stroke, but don't close.
kfmNoFill 10 Don't fill.
kfmStroke 4 Stroke path.
kfmStrokeNoClose 1 Stroke, but do not close.

File operation constants for CreateLaunchAction.

Constant Value Description
kfoOpen 0 Open file.
kfoPrint 1 Print file.

Flush constants

Constant Value Description
kfpfDefault 0 Write anything to the file that is possible.
kfpfExclLastPage 2 If set, the last page is not flushed.
kfpfImagesOnly 1 If set, only images are written to the file. The pages are still in memory and can be modified with EditPage(). Flushed images can still be referenced in other pages. The image handles remain valid.

Constants for font style.

Constant Value Description
kfsBlack &h38400000
kfsBold &h2BC00000 The old constant 2 is still supported to preserve backward compatibility
kfsCondensed &h00000300
kfsDemiBold &h25800000
kfsExpanded &h00000700
kfsExtraBold &h32000000
kfsExtraCondensed &h00000200
kfsExtraExpanded &h00000800
kfsExtraLight &h0C800000
kfsItalic 1
kfsLight &h12C00000
kfsMedium &h1F400000
kfsNone 0
kfsNormal &h00000500
kfsRegular &h19000000 Same as fsNone
kfsSemiCondensed &h00000400
kfsSemiExpanded &h00000600
kfsStriked 8
kfsThin &h06400000
kfsUltraBlack &h3E800000
kfsUltraCondensed &h00000100
kfsUltraExpanded &h00000900
kfsUnderlined 4
kfsVerticalMode 16 Not considered at this time (v2.5)

Field Type Constants

Constant Value Description
kftButton 0 Button
kftCheckBox 1 Checkbox
kftComboBox 3 Combobox
kftGroup 7 This is not a real field type, it is just an array of fields.
kftListBox 4 Listbox
kftRadioBtn 2 Radio Button
kftSignature 6 Signature
kftText 5 Text.

Font Type Constants

Constant Value Description
kftMMType1 0 Multiple Master
kftTrueType 1 TrueType font
kftType0 2 CID font -> the descendant font can be a TrueType, Type1 (CFF), or OpenType font
kftType1 3 Type1 font
kftType3 4 Type3 font

Graphics state flag constants

Constant Value Description
kgfAnsiStringIsUTF8 32 If set, single byte strings in Ansi functions are treated as UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings.
Currently not useable with plugins.
kgfCompatible 0 Compatible graphics state to earlier DynaPDF versions -> default
kgfComplexText &h00000400 If set, text is processed with Uniscribe on Windows.
kgfIgnoreICCProfiles 16 Meaningful only if the flag gfUseImageColorSpace is set. If set, an embedded profile is not used to create an ICCBased color space for the image. The image is inserted in the corresponding device color space instead.
kgfNativeBlackWhite 4 Do not convert RGB black or white to DeviceGray
kgfNoBitmapAlpha &h00000080 If set, the alpha channel in 32 bit bitmaps will be ignored. Useful for bitmaps with an invalid alpha channel.
kgfNoImageDuplCheck &h00000100 Disables duplicate check for images.
kgfNoObjCompression &h00000200 If set, object compression will be disabled.
kgfRealPassThrough 64 If set, JPEG images are inserted as is. JPEG images are normally rebuild, also in pass-through mode, to avoid issues with certain malformed JPEG images which cannot be displayed in Adobes Acrobat or Reader. If you know that your JPEG images work then set this flag to avoid unnecessary processing time.
kgfRealTopDownCoords 2 If set, the page coordinate system is not reset to bottom-up when transforming the coordinate system. However, real top-down coordinates require a large internal overhead and where never fully implemented. The usage of this flag should be avoided if possible.
kgfRestorePageCoords 1 Restore the coordinate system with the graphics state (the value of PageCoords, see SetPageCoords())
kgfUseImageColorSpace 8 If set, the active color space is ignored when inserting an image. The color space is taken from the image file instead.

Highlight Mode Constants

Constant Value Description
khmInvert 1
khmNone 0
khmOutline 2
khmPush 3
khmPushUpd 4 Update appearance stream on changes

Constants for CloseAndSignFileExt.

Constant Value Description
khtDetached 0 Returns the byte ranges of the finish PDF buffer to create a detached signature.
khtSHA1 1 Returns the SHA1 hash of the PDF file so that it can be signed.

Init Cache Flags

Constant Value Description
kicfIgnorePageLayout 2

Flags for InitColorManagement

Constant Value Description
kicmBPCompensation 1 Black point compensation preserves the black point when converting CMYK colors to different color spaces.
kicmCheckBlackPoint 2 If set, soft proofing will be disabled if the black point of the output intent is probably invalid.
kicmDefault 0 Default rules.

Image conversion flag constants.

Constant Value Description
kicNone 0 Default value.
kicUseCCITT4 1 Use CCITT Fax 4 compression instead of Flate for dithered images.

Constants for ICC profile types.

Constant Value Description
kictCMYK 2
kictGray 0
kictLab 3
kictRGB 1

Constants for ImportFlags2.

Constant Value Description
kif2CopyEncryptDict 64 If set, the encryption settings of an encrypted PDF file are copied to the new PDF file.
The flag does nothing if the file is not encrypted.
kif2DuplicateCheck 16 Perform a duplicate check on color spaces, fonts, images, patterns, and templates when merging PDF files.
kif2MergeLayers 1 If set, layers with identical name are merged. If this flag is absent DynaPDF imports such layers separately so that each layer refers still to the pages where it was orignally used.
kif2NoMetadata 8 Ignore metadata streams which are attached to fonts, pages, images, and so on.
kif2NoResNameCheck 32 Useful in viewer applications
kif2Normalize 2 Replace LZW compression with Flate, apply limit checks, repair errors if possible.
kif2UseProxy 4 Not meaningful for PDF files which are loaded from a memory buffer. If set, all streams are loaded from the file on demand but they are never hold in memory. This reduces drastically the memory usage and enables the processing of almost arbitrary large PDF files with minimal memory usage. The corresponding PDF file must not be deleted before CloseFile() or CloseFileEx() was called.

Constants for import flags.

Constant Value Description
kif3DAnnot &h00100000
kifAllAnnots &h009F0000
kifAllPageObjects &h40000000
kifArticles 16
kifBookmarks 8
kifBoxColorInfo &h00000200
kifCatalogAction 2
kifContentOnly 0
kifDocInfo &h00008000
kifEmbeddedFiles &h00200000
kifEnumFonts &h20000000
kifFileCollections &h00400000
kifFormFields &h01000000
kifFreeText &h00010000
kifImportAll &h0FFFFFFE
kifImportAsPage &h80000000
kifJavaScript &h00002000
kifJSActions &h00004000
kifLink &h00040000
kifNoContent 1
kifOtherAnnots &h00800000
kifPageActions 4
kifPageLabels 32
kifPieceInfo &h02000000 The PieceInfo dictionary contains arbitrary application defined data. The data in this dictionary is meaningful only for the application that created the data.
kifPrepareForPDFA &h10000000
kifSearchIndex &h00001000
kifSeparationInfo &h00000100 Separation info
kifStamp &h00080000
kifStructureTree &h00000400
kifTextAnnot &h00020000
kifThumbs 64
kifTransition &h00000800
kifTranspGroups &h00000080

Image Format Constants

Constant Value Description
kifmBMP 4 BMP: DeviceGray, DeviceRGB, Black & White -> Uncompressed.
kifmJPC 5 JPEG 2000: DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK, DeviceGray -> JPEG2000 compression.
kifmJPEG 1 JPEG: DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK, DeviceGray -> JPEG compression.
kifmPNG 2 PNG: DeviceGray, DeviceRGB, Black & White -> Flate compression.
kifmTIFF 0 TIFF: DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK, DeviceGray, Black & White -> CCITT Fax Group 3/4, JPEG, Flate, LZW.

Instantiation type constants for Set3DAnnotProps

Constant Value Description
kit3D_AppDefault 0 Default
kit3D_Instantiated 1 The annotation will be instantiated but animations are disabled.
kit3D_Live 2 The annotation will be instantiated and animations are enabled (default).

Line Join styles.

Constant Value Description
kjsBevelJoin 2 Bevel Join
kjsMiterJoin 0 Miter Join
kjsRoundJoin 1 Round Join

Key length Constant

Constant Value Description
kkl128bit 1 RC4 Encryption -> Acrobat 5 or higher
kkl128bitEx 2 RC4 Encryption -> Acrobat 6 or higher
kkl40bit 0 RC4 Encryption -> Acrobat 3 or higher
kklAES128 3 AES Encryption -> Acrobat 7 or higher
kklAES256 4 AES Encryption -> Acrobat 9 or higher
kklAESRev6 5 AES Encryption -> PDF 2.0, Acrobat X or higher

Constants for flags to SetCMapDir function.

Constant Value Description
klcmDefault 0 Load the cmaps in the directory now.
klcmDelayed 2 Load the cmap files only when a font requires an external cmap.
klcmRecursive 1 Load sub directories recursively.

Constants for a 3D Rendering mode for Create3DView.

Constant Value Description
klsArtwork 0 Lights from file lsBlue,
klsBlue 1
klsCAD 2
klsCube 3
klsDay 4
klsHard 5
klsHeadlamp 6
klsNight 7
klsNoLights 8
klsNotSet 12
klsPrimary 9
klsRed 10
klsWhite 11

Metadata Object Constants

Constant Value Description
kmdoCatalog 0 The global XMP stream of the document (no handle needed)
kmdoFont 1 Parameter Handle must be a font handle.
kmdoImage 2 Parameter Handle must be an image handle.
kmdoPage 3 Parameter Handle must be a page number.
kmdoTemplate 4 Parameter Handle must be a template handle.

Meta Flags

Constant Value Description
kmfApplyBidiAlgo &h00080000 Apply the bidirectional algorithm on Unicode strings
kmfClipRclBounds &h01000000 If set, the graphic is drawn into a clipping path with the size of rclBounds.
This flag is useful if the graphic contains content outside of its bounding box.
kmfClipView 8 Draw the file into a clipping rectangle
kmfCurrComprFilter &h20000000 If set, the currently active compression filter is used to compress the image (see SetCompressionFilter()).
This flag is used only if the file is rastered to an image.
kmfDebug 1 Write debug information into the content stream.
kmfDefault 0 Default conversion
kmfDefBkModeTransp &h00040000 Initialize the background mode to transparent (SetBkMode() overrides this state).
kmfDisableRasterEMF &h02000000 If set, EMF files which use unsupported ROP codes are not rastered.
kmfDontSkipROP_DPa &h10000000 If set, the ROP code 0x00A000C9 (DPa) is considered in BitBlt, StretchBlt, TranparentBlt, and AlphaBlend records.
This kind of ROP code combines a pattern brush with the backdrop. If the flag mfDisableRasterEMF is absent, the usage of such a ROP code causes that the file is rendered to an image.
kmfFullScale &h00010000 Recommended if 32 bit coordinates are used
kmfGDIFontSelection &h00100000 Use the GDI to select fonts
kmfIgnoreEmbFonts &h08000000 If set, embedded fonts in GDIComment records will be ignored. This flag must be set if the fonts of an EMF spool file were pre-loaded with ConvertEMFSpool(). Spool fonts must always be loaded in a pre-processing step since required fonts are not necessarily embedded in the EMF files.
kmfIntersectClipRect &h00002000 enabled by default -> can be disabled with mfNoClippingRgn
kmfNoBBoxCheck &h04000000 Disable the bbox check.
kmfNoBmpPatterns &h00000400 Ignore bitmap patterns
kmfNoClippingRgn 64 Disables SelectClippingRegion, IntersectClipRect, and SelectClipPath
kmfNoFontEmbedding &h00000080 Do not embed fonts -> Fonts should be embedded!!!
kmfNoImages &h00000100 Ignore image records
kmfNoStdPatterns &h00000200 Ignore standard patterns
kmfNoText &h00000800 Ignore text records
kmfNoTextClipping &h00400000 If set, the ETO_CLIPPED flag in text records is ignored.
kmfNoTextScaling 4 Do not scale text
kmfNoUnicode &h00008000 Avoid usage of Unicode fonts -> recommended to enable PDF 1.2 compability
kmfRclFrameEx &h00200000
kmfShowBounds 2 Show the bounding boxes of text strings
kmfSrcCopy_Only &h00800000 If set, images which use a ROP code other than SRCCOPY are ignored. This is useful when processing Excel 2007 spool files.
kmfUseRclBounds 16 Use rclBounds instead of rclFrame
kmfUseRclFrame &h00020000 This flag should be set if the rclFrame rectangle is properly set
kmfUseSpacingArray 32 enabled by default -> can be disabled with mfUseTextScaling
kmfUseTextScaling &h00004000 Scale text instead of using the intercharacter spacing array
kmfUseUnicode &h00001000 Ignore ANSI_CHARSET

3D named action constants.

Constant Value Description
knaDefault 0
knaFirst 1
knaLast 2
knaNext 3
knaPrevious 4

Named Action Constants.

Constant Value Description
knaDeletePages 13
knaFirstPage 0
knaFitPage 11
knaFontsInfo 8
knaFullScreen 12
knaGeneralInfo 7
knaGoBack 4
knaLastPage 1
knaNextPage 2
knaOpenDlg 5
knaPrevPage 3
knaPrintDlg 6
knaQuit 14
knaSaveAs 9
knaSecurityInfo 10

Negative number format constants for SetNumberFormat.

Constant Value Description
knsMinusBlack 0 The number is colored black with a minus sign.
knsParensBlack 2 The number is colored black with parenthesis.
knsParensRed 3 The number is colored red with parenthesis.
knsRed 1 The number is colored red.

Optimization Flags

Constant Value Description
kofAdjZeroLineWidthOnly &h00002000 Meaningful only if the parameter MinLineWidth of the optimize parameters is greater zero. If set, change the line width of real hairlines only (a hairline is a one pixel width line -> LineWidth = 0).
kofCompressWithJBIG2 &h00004000 If set, 1 bit images are compressed with JBIG2 if not already compressed with this filter.
kofConvertAllColors 2 If set, Separation, DeviceN, and NChannel color spaces will be converted to the device space.
kofConvertGrayTo1Bit &h00010000 Useful for scanned faxes since many scanners create gray images for black & white input.
kofConvertToCMYK &h00080000 If set, images, text, and vector graphics are converted to DeviceCMYK.
kofConvertToGray &h00020000 If set, images, text, and vector graphics are converted to DeviceGray.
kofConvertToRGB &h00040000 If set, images, text, and vector graphics are converted to DeviceRGB.
kofConvNonEmbFontsOnly &h00800000 Meaningful only, if the flag kofConvTextToOutlines is set. If set, text of non-embedded fonts are converted to outlines only. Embedded fonts remain embedded.
kofConvTextToOutlines &h00400000 If set, texts of non-Type3 fonts are converted to outlines or vector graphics. The resulting file contains no fonts with exception of Type3 fonts, if any. Such files are large but avoid printing issues due to missing or damaged fonts.
kofDefault 0 Just rebuild the content streams.
kofDeleteAlternateImages &h00000400 If set, alternate images will be deleted.
kofDeleteInvPaths 64 Delete invisible paths. An invisible path is a path that was finished with the no-op operator "n".
kofDeletePrivateData &h00000100 Delete private data objects from pages, templates, and images.
For example Indesign may store the original Photoshop image within the PDF file.
kofDeleteThumbnails &h00000200 Thumbnails can be deleted since PDF viewers can create thumbnails easily on demand.
kofFlattenLayers &h00000080 Flatten layers if any.
kofIgnoreICCBased 4 If set, ICCBased color spaces will be left unchanged.
kofIgnoreZeroLineWidth &h00001000 Meaningful only if the parameter MinLineWidth of the DynaPDFOptimizeParamsMBS class is greater zero. If set, ignore line width operators with a value of zero (zero means one device unit).
kofInMemory 1 Optimize the file fully in memory. Only useful for small PDF files.
kofNewLinkNames 32 If set, rename all object links to short names like F1, F2 etc.
kofNoFilterCheck &h00008000 Meaningful only, if the flag ofCompressWithJBIG2 is set. If set, re-compress all 1 bit images, also if already compressed with JBIG2.
kofNoImageSizeCheck &h00000800 Meaningful only if ofScaleImages is set. If set, do not check whether the scaled image is smaller as the original image.
kofReplaceJP2KWithJPEG &h00100000 Meaningful only, if the flag kofConvertToGray, kofConvertToRGB, or kofConvertToCMYK is set. If set, JPEG 2000 compressed images (which are converted to another color space) will be compressed with JPEG instead JPEG 2000. JPEG 2000 compression is very slow and requires much memory. JPEG compression is around 10 times faster and produces almost identical results.
kofScaleImages 8 Scale images as specified in the DynaPDFOptimizeParamsMBS class.
kofSkipMaskedImages 16 Meaningful only if ofScaleImages is set. If set, don't scale images with a color mask.

Object intent constants for CreateOCG.

Constant Value Description
koiAll 8
koiDesign 2
koiEmpty 16 Internal (refers to koiView if used)
koiView 4 Default.
koiVisible 32 Visible

Object type constants for AddObjectToLayer.

Constant Value Description
kooAnnotation 0 Handle is an annotation handle.
kooField 1 Handle is a field handle.
kooImage 2 Handle is a image handle.
kooTemplate 3 Handle is a template handle.

Origin constants.

Constant Value Description
korDownLeft 0
korTopLeft 1

Object type constants.

Constant Value Description
kotAction 0 Action
kotAnnotation 1 Annotation
kotBookmark 2 Bookmark
kotCatalog 3 Catalog. PDF 1.4
kotField 4 Field
kotPage 5 Page
kotPageLink 6 Page Link.

Usage Categories

Constant Value Description
koucExport 1 Export
koucLanguage 2 Language
koucNone 0
koucPrint 4 Print
koucUser 8 User
koucView 16 View
koucZoom 32 Zoom

Visibility constants for CreateOCMD.

Constant Value Description
kovAllOff 0 All Off
kovAllOn 1 All On
kovAnyOff 2 Any Off
kovAnyOn 3 Any On
kovNotSet 4 Not Set

PDF Box Constants

Constant Value Description
kpbArtBox 0 Art box.
kpbBleedBox 1 Bleed box.
kpbCropBox 2 Crop Box.
kpbMediaBox 4 Media Box.
kpbTrimBox 3 Trim Box.

Page coordinate constants

Constant Value Description
kpcBottomUp 0
kpcTopDown 1

Cursor Constants.

Constant Value Description
kpcrHandClosed 1
kpcrHandNormal 0
kpcrHandPoint 2
kpcrIBeam 3

Constants for basic RGB colors.

Constant Value Description
kPDF_AQUA &h00FFFF00 aqua
kPDF_BLACK 0 black
kPDF_BLUE &h00FF0000 blue
kPDF_CREAM &h00F0FBFF cream
kPDF_DKGRAY &h00808080 dark gray
kPDF_FUCHSIA &h00FF00FF fuchsia
kPDF_GRAY &h00808080 gray
kPDF_GREEN &h00008000 green
kPDF_LIME &h0000FF00 lime
kPDF_LTGRAY &h00C0C0C0 light gray
kPDF_MAROON &h00000080 maroon
kPDF_MEDGRAY &h00A4A0A0 medium gray
kPDF_MOGREEN &h00C0DCC0 mogreen
kPDF_NAVY &h00800000 navy
kPDF_OLIVE &h00008080 olive
kPDF_PURPLE &h00800080 purple
kPDF_RED &h000000FF red
kPDF_SILVER &h00C0C0C0 silver
kPDF_SKYBLUE &h00F0CAA6 skyblue
kPDF_TEAL &h00808000 teal
kPDF_YELLOW &h0000FFFF yellow

OCG Pagination Artefacts

Constant Value Description
kpeBackgroundImage 0 Background image.
kpeForegroundImage 1 Foreground Image.
kpeHeaderFooter 2 Header or Footer
kpeLogo 3 Logo
kpeNone 4

PDF parser constants.

Constant Value Description
kpfConvImagesToCMYK 64 Convert images to CMYK.
kpfConvImagesToGray 16 Convert images to grayscale.
kpfConvImagesToRGB 32 Convert images to RGB.
kpfDitherImagesToBW 8 Floyd-Steinberg dithering.
kpfNoJPXDecode 4 Meaningful only if the flag pfDecomprAllImages is set. If set, JPEG2000 images are returned as is so that you can use your own library to decompress such images since the the entire JPEG2000 codec is still marked as experimental. If we find an alternative to the currently used Jasper library then we will replace it immediatly with another one...
kpfNone 0

Page format constants for SetPageFormat

Constant Value Description
kpfDIN_A0 20 DIN A0
kpfDIN_A1 21 DIN A1
kpfDIN_A10 27 DIN A10
kpfDIN_A2 22 DIN A2
kpfDIN_A3 0 DIN A3
kpfDIN_A4 1 DIN A4
kpfDIN_A5 2 DIN A5
kpfDIN_A6 23 DIN A6
kpfDIN_A7 24 DIN A7
kpfDIN_A8 25 DIN A8
kpfDIN_A9 26 DIN A9
kpfDIN_B4 3 DIN B4
kpfDIN_B5 4 DIN B5
kpfDIN_B6 5 DIN B6
kpfDIN_C3 6 DIN C3
kpfDIN_C4 7 DIN C4
kpfDIN_C5 8 DIN C5
kpfDIN_C6 9 DIN C6
kpfDIN_C65 10 DIN C65
kpfDIN_E4 12 DIN E4
kpfDIN_E5 13 DIN E5
kpfDIN_E6 14 DIN E6
kpfDIN_E65 15 DIN E65
kpfDIN_M5 16 DIN M5
kpfDIN_M65 17 DIN M65
kpfUS_Legal 18 US Legal
kpfUS_Letter 19 US Letter

Printing Flags

Constant Value Description
kpff1Bit 1 Print with 1 bit in black and white.
kpffAutoCenter &h00000400 Automatically scale the page to match printer context.
kpffAutoRotate &h00000200 Automatically rotate the page to match printer context.
kpffAutoRotateAndCenter 4 Automatically rotate and scale the page to match printer context.
With newer versions you can use kpffAutoRotate and kpffAutoCenter separately.
kpffColor 2 Print in color.
kpffDefault 0 Default print settings.
kpffNoEndDoc &h00000080 Do not call EndDoc on Windows
kpffNoStartDoc 32 Do not call StartDoc on Windows
kpffNoStartPage 64 Do not call StartPage on Windows
kpffPrintAsImage 8 Print by rendering each page as image and drawing it in the graphics context.
kpffPrintPageAsIs &h00000100 If set, do not scale or rotate a page to fit into the printable area.
kpffShrinkToPrintArea 16 Shrink PDF to print area.

PDF Font Flags

Constant Value Description
kpffAllCap &h00010000 All capitals font
kpffFixedPitch 1 Fixed pitch
kpffForceBold &h00040000 Bold required
kpffItalic 64 Italic font
kpffNonSymbolic 32 Non symbolic font.
kpffScriptStyle 8 Font in script style.
kpffSerifs 2 Serif font
kpffSmallCap &h00020000 Small Caps font
kpffSymbolic 4 Symbolic font.

Page layout constants.

Constant Value Description
kplDefault 6 Use viewer's default settings
kplOneColumn 1
kplSinglePage 0
kplTwoColumnLeft 2
kplTwoColumnRight 3
kplTwoPageLeft 4 PDF 1.5
kplTwoPageRight 5 PDF 1.5

Page Label Format constants.

Constant Value Description
kplfDecimalArabic 0 1,2,3,4...
kplfLowercaseLetters 4 a,b,c,d...
kplfLowercaseRoman 2 i,ii,iii,iv...
kplfNone 5
kplfUppercaseLetters 3 A,B,C,D...
kplfUppercaseRoman 1 I,II,III,IV...

Page Mode Constants.

Constant Value Description
kpmFullScreen 3
kpmUseAttachments 5 PDF 1.6
kpmUseNone 0
kpmUseOC 4 PDF 1.5
kpmUseOutlines 1
kpmUseThumbs 2

Print scaling flag constants.

Constant Value Description
kpsAppDefault 0
kpsNone 1

Constants to specify how the page should be scaled into the image buffer.

Constant Value Description
kpsFitBest 2 Scale the page so that it fits fully into the image buffer.
kpsFitHeight 1 Scale the page to the height of the image buffer.
kpsFitWidth 0 Scale the page to the width of the image buffer.
kpsFitZoom 3 This mode must be used if the scaling factors of the transformation matrix are <> 1.0

Constants for 3D projection types.

Constant Value Description
kpt3DOrthographic 0 Orthographic
kpt3DPerspective 1 Perspective

Pattern type constants.

Constant Value Description
kptColored 0
kptShadingPattern 2
kptUnColored 1

Constants for password type to pass when opening files.

Constant Value Description
kptDontCopyBuf 4 If set, OpenImportBuffer() does not copy the PDF buffer to an internal buffer. This increases the processing speed and reduces the memory usage. The PDF buffer must not be released until CloseImportFile() or CloseFile() was called.
kptForceRepair 2 Meaningful only when opening a PDF file with OpenImportFile() or OpenImportBuffer(). If set, the PDF parser rebuilds the cross-reference table by scanning all the objects in the file. This can be useful if the cross-reference table contains damages while the top level objects are intact. Setting this flag makes only sence if the file was already previously opened in normal mode and if errors occured when importing pages of it.
kptOpen 0 No password.
kptOwner 1 Owner password provided.

Progress Types

Constant Value Description
kptImportPage 0 This value is for: Start page import
kptPrintPage 2 Progress for printing a page.
kptWritePage 1 This value is for: Start writing a page to file or buffer

PDF Version constants.

Constant Value Description
kpvFacturX_Basic &h00100000 Basic profile for FacturX.
kpvFacturX_Basic_WL &h00200000 Basic WL profile for FacturX.
kpvFacturX_Comfort &h00400000 Comfort profile for FacturX.
kpvFacturX_Extended &h00800000 Extended profile for FacturX.
kpvFacturX_Mask &h02F80000 Mask for all FacturX variants.
Contains kpvFacturX_Minimum, kpvFacturX_Basic, kpvFacturX_Basic_WL, kpvFacturX_Comfort, kpvFacturX_Extended and kpvFacturX_XRechnung,
kpvFacturX_Minimum &h00080000 Minimum profile for FacturX.
kpvPDFA_1a 16 PDF/A 1a
kpvPDFA_2005 14 PDF/A-1b 2005
kpvPDFA_2a 17 PDF/A 2a
kpvPDFA_2b 18 PDF/A 2b
kpvPDFA_2u 19 PDF/A 2u
kpvPDFA_3a 20 PDF/A 3a
kpvPDFA_3b 21 PDF/A 3b
kpvPDFA_3u 22 PDF/A 3u
kpvPDFX1a_2001 10 PDF/X-1a:2001
kpvPDFX1a_2003 11 PDF/X-1a:2003
kpvPDFX3_2002 12 PDF/X-3:2002
kpvPDFX3_2003 13 PDF/X-3:2003
kpvPDFX_4 15 PDF/X-4
kpvPDF_1_0 0 PDF 1.0
kpvPDF_1_1 1 PDF 1.1
kpvPDF_1_2 2 PDF 1.2
kpvPDF_1_3 3 PDF 1.3
kpvPDF_1_4 4 PDF 1.4
kpvPDF_1_5 5 PDF 1.5
kpvPDF_1_6 6 PDF 1.6
kpvPDF_1_7 7 PDF 1.7
kpvPDF_2_0 8 PDF 2.0
kpvZUGFeRD2_Flag &h01000000 The flag to indicate it is a ZUGFeRD PDF and not FacturX.
kpvZUGFeRD_Basic &h00010000 ZUGFeRD Basic level.
This constant are flags which can be combined with kpvPDFA_3a, kpvPDFA_3b, and kpvPDFA_3u. If used stand alone PDF/A 3b with the correspondig ZUGFeRD metadata will be created.
kpvZUGFeRD_Comfort &h00020000 ZUGFeRD Comfort level.
This constant are flags which can be combined with kpvPDFA_3a, kpvPDFA_3b, and kpvPDFA_3u. If used stand alone PDF/A 3b with the correspondig ZUGFeRD metadata will be created.
kpvZUGFeRD_Extended &h00040000 ZUGFeRD Extended level.
This constant are flags which can be combined with kpvPDFA_3a, kpvPDFA_3b, and kpvPDFA_3u. If used stand alone PDF/A 3b with the correspondig ZUGFeRD metadata will be created.
kpvZUGFeRD_Mask &h00070000 The mask to bitwise AND the value and get the ZUGFeRD part.

Pixel formats for raster functions.

Constant Value Description
kpxf1Bit 0 1 bit per pixel black and white.
kpxfABGR 7 ABGR.
kpxfBGR 3 BGR
kpxfCMYK 9 CMYK without alpha
kpxfCMYKA 10 CMYK with alpha
kpxfGray 1 8 bit grayscale.
kpxfGrayA 8 8 bit grayscale with alpha.
kpxfRGB 2 RGB

Raster Flag Constants

Constant Value Description
krfClipBoxMask 28 The mask for Clip flags.
krfClipToArtBox 4 Clip the page to the art box if any.

Only one of these clip flags must be set at time!
krfClipToBleedBox 8 Clip the page to the bleed box if any.

Only one of these clip flags must be set at time!
krfClipToTrimBox 16 Clip the page to the bleed box if any.

Only one of these clip flags must be set at time!
krfCompositeWhite &h00001000 Composite pixel formats with an alpha channel finally with a white background. The alpha channel is 255 everywhere after composition. This flag is mainly provided for debug purposes but it can also be useful if the image must be copied on screen with a function that doesn't support alpha blending.
krfDefault 0 Render the page as usual
krfDisableAAClipping &h00200000 Disable Anti-Aliasing for clipping paths. This flag is the most important one since clipping paths cause often visible artefacts in PDF files with flattened transparency.
krfDisableAAText &h00400000 Disable Anti-Aliasing for text.
krfDisableAAVector &h00800000 Disable Anti-Aliasing for vector graphics.
krfDisableAntiAliasing &h00E00000 Combination of krfDisableAAVector, krfDisableAAText and krfDisableAAClipping.
krfDisableBiLinearFilter &h01000000 Disable the BiLevel filter for images. Sometetimes useful if sharp images are needed, e.g. for barcodes.
krfExclAnnotations 32 Don't render annotations.
krfExclButtons &h00004000 If you want to render specific field types with RenderAnnotOrField() then use this flag to exclude buttons.
If all fields should be skipped then set the flag rfExclFormFields instead.
krfExclCheckBoxes &h00008000 If you want to render specific field types with RenderAnnotOrField() then use this flag to exclude checkboxes.
If all fields should be skipped then set the flag rfExclFormFields instead.
krfExclComboBoxes &h00010000 If you want to render specific field types with RenderAnnotOrField() then use this flag to exclude combobox.
If all fields should be skipped then set the flag rfExclFormFields instead.
krfExclFormFields 64 Don't render form fields.
krfExclListBoxes &h00020000 If you want to render specific field types with RenderAnnotOrField() then use this flag to exclude listbox.
If all fields should be skipped then set the flag rfExclFormFields instead.
krfExclPageContent &h00002000 If set, only annotations and form fields will be rendered (if any).
krfExclSigFields &h00080000 If you want to render specific field types with RenderAnnotOrField() then use this flag to exclude signature fields.
If all fields should be skipped then set the flag rfExclFormFields instead.
krfExclTextFields &h00040000 If you want to render specific field types with RenderAnnotOrField() then use this flag to exclude text fields.
If all fields should be skipped then set the flag rfExclFormFields instead.
krfIgnoreCropBox 2 Ignore the crop box and render anything inside the media box without clipping.
krfInitBlack &h00000800 Initialize the image buffer to black before rendering (RGBA or GrayA must be initialized to black)
krfRenderInvisibleText &h02000000 If set, treat text rendering mode Invisible as Normal.
krfRotate180 &h00000200 Rotate the page 180 degress.
krfRotate270 &h00000400 Rotate the page 270 degress.
krfRotate90 &h00000100 Rotate the page 90 degress.
krfScaleToBBox &h00100000 Meaningful only, if rfClipToArtBox, rfClipToBleedBox, or rfClipToTrimBox is set. If set, the picture size is set to the size of the whished bounding box.
krfScaleToMediaBox 1 Render the real paper format. Contents outside the crop box is clipped.
krfSkipUpdateBG &h00000080 Don't generate an update event after initializing the background to white.

Rendering intent constants

Constant Value Description
kriAbsoluteColorimetric 0
kriPerceptual 1
kriRelativeColorimetric 2
kriSaturation 3

Raw Image Flags Constants.

Constant Value Description
krifByteAligned &h00001000
krifCMYKData &h00004000
krifRGBData &h00002000

3D rendering mode constants

Constant Value Description
krmBoundingBox 0
krmHiddenWireframe 1
krmIllustration 2
krmNotSet 15
krmShadedIllustration 3
krmShadedVertices 4
krmShadedWireframe 5
krmSolid 6
krmSolidOutline 7
krmSolidWireframe 8
krmTransparent 9
krmTranspBBox 10
krmTranspBBoxOutline 11
krmTranspWireframe 12
krmVertices 13
krmWireframe 14

Restriction constants.

Constant Value Description
krsAddObj 32
krsAssemble &h00000400 This flag is only used for 128 bit encryption. So this flag is ignored if 40 bit encryption is used.
krsCopyObj 16
krsDenyAll &h00000F3C
krsDenyNothing 0
krsEmbFilesOnly &h00002000 This flag is only used for 128 bit encryption. So this flag is ignored if 40 bit encryption is used.
PDF 1.6 Encrypt embedded files only -> Requires AES encryption.
krsExlMetadata &h00001000 This flag is only used for 128 bit encryption. So this flag is ignored if 40 bit encryption is used.
PDF 1.5 Exclude metadata streams -> 128/256 bit encryption bit only.
krsExtractObj &h00000200 This flag is only used for 128 bit encryption. So this flag is ignored if 40 bit encryption is used.
krsFillInFormFields &h00000100 This flag is only used for 128 bit encryption. So this flag is ignored if 40 bit encryption is used.
krsModify 8
krsPrint 4
krsPrintHighRes &h00000800 This flag is only used for 128 bit encryption. So this flag is ignored if 40 bit encryption is used.

Rubber stamp constants for StampAnnotation.

Constant Value Description
krsApproved 0
krsAsIs 1
krsConfidential 2
krsDepartmental 3
krsDraft 4
krsExperimental 5
krsExpired 6
krsFinal 7
krsForComment 8
krsForPublicRelease 9
krsNotApproved 10
krsNotForPublicRelease 11
krsSold 12
krsTopSecret 13
krsUserDefined 14

Submit flag constants for CreateSubmitAction.

Constant Value Description
ksfCanonicalFormat &h00000200
ksfEmbedForm &h00002000 PDF 1.5 embed the entire form into a file stream inside the FDF file -> requires the full version of Adobe's Acrobat.
ksfExlFKey &h00000800
ksfExlNonUserAnnots &h00000400
ksfExlude 1 If set, the fields in a submit form action are excluded if any.
ksfGetMethod 8
ksfHTML 4
ksfInclAnnots &h00000080
ksfInclAppSaves 64 Requires the full version of Adobe's Acrobat
ksfInclNoValFields 2
ksfNone 0 The default export format is FDF
ksfPDF &h00000100 Submit the entire PDF file -> requires the full version of Adobe's Acrobat.
ksfSubmCoords 16
ksfXML 36

Constants for font selection modes.

Constant Value Description
ksmFamilyName 0
ksmFullName 2 Full name.
ksmPostScriptName 1 If font selection mode is set to smPostScriptName the font styles fsItalic or fsBold are ignored.
The PostScriptName is already a unique font name incl. style information.

Soft Mask Constants.

Constant Value Description
ksmtAlpha 0 Alpha mode.
ksmtLuminosity 1 Luminosity mode.

Constants for ConvertEMFSpool.

Constant Value Description
kspcDefault 0 Default flags.
kspcDontAddMargins 2 If set, the page format is calculated from the EMF files as is. The current page format is not used to calculate margins which are maybe required. Note that the parameters LeftMargin and TopMargin will still be considered.
kspcFlushPages 8 If set, the function writes every finish page directly to the output file to reduce the memory usage. This flag is meaningful only if the PDF file is not created in memory. Note also that it is not possible to access already flushed pages again with EditPage().
kspcIgnorePaperFormat 1 If set, the current page format is used as is for the entire spool file.
kspcLoadSpoolFontsOnly 4 If set, only embedded fonts will be loaded. The EMF files must be converted with the flag mfIgnoreEmbFonts in this case. This flag can be useful if you want to use your own code to convert the EMF files of the spool file.

Standard Pattern Constants

Constant Value Description
kspCross 4
kspDiaCross 5
kspHorizontal 0
kspLDiagonal 3
kspRDiagonal 2
kspVertical 1

Constants for 3D scale type.

Constant Value Description
kst3DHeight 2
kst3DMax 4
kst3DMin 3
kst3DValue 0
kst3DWidth 1

Shading type constants.

Constant Value Description
kstAxial 2
kstCoonsPatch 6
kstFreeFormGouraud 4
kstFunctionBased 1
kstLatticeFormGouraud 5
kstRadial 3
kstTensorProduct 7

Text Alignment Constants

Constant Value Description
ktaCenter 1 Center
ktaJustify 3 Justify
ktaLeft 0 Left
ktaPlainText &h10000000 Added to alignment flag to tell WriteFText to not interpret escape commands.
ktaRight 2 Right

Text Extraction Flags

Constant Value Description
ktefDefault 0 Create text lines in the original order.
ktefDeleteOverlappingText 4 Delete duplicate text records on same position.
ktefSortTextX 1 Sort text records in x-direction.
ktefSortTextXY 3 Sort text records in x and y-direction.
ktefSortTextY 2 Sort text records in y-direction.

Tab Order constants.

Constant Value Description
ktoAnnots 4 Annotation order -> PDF 1.7 Extension Level 3
ktoColumn 1 Column.
ktoFields 5 Widget order (Form Fields) -> PDF 1.7 Extension Level 3.
ktoNone 3
ktoRow 0 Row.
ktoStructure 2 Structure

Tiling Type Constants

Constant Value Description
kttConstSpacing 0
kttFastConstSpacing 2
kttNoDistortion 1

Scrollbar Update Constants.

Constant Value Description
kusbCursorHandClosed 32 Occurs when the cursor leaves an action field and if the left mouse button is pressed.
The cursor constants are set by MouseMove. Since we have only one cursor there is never more than one constant set.
kusbCursorHandNormal 16 This is the default if the left mouse button is not pressed and if we are not over an action field.
The cursor constants are set by MouseMove. Since we have only one cursor there is never more than one constant set.
kusbCursorHandPoint 64 Occurs when we enter link or button field.
The cursor constants are set by MouseMove. Since we have only one cursor there is never more than one constant set.
kusbCursorIBeam &h00000080 Occurs when we enter an action field that accepts text input.
The cursor constants are set by MouseMove. Since we have only one cursor there is never more than one constant set.
kusbCursorMask &h000000F0 Bitmask to mask out the cursor constants.
kusbHorzRange 4 Update the horizontal scroll range.
kusbHorzScrollPos 8 Update the horizontal scroll position.
kusbNoUpdate 0 Nothing to do.
kusbUpdateAll 15 Update both scroll ranges and the scroll positions.
kusbVertRange 1 Update the vertical scroll range.
kusbVertScrollPos 2 Update the vertical scroll position.

Viewer Preference Constants

Constant Value Description
kvpCenterWindow 16
kvpDirection &h00000080
kvpDisplayDocTitle 32
kvpFitWindow 8
kvpHideMenuBar 2
kvpHideToolBar 1
kvpHideWindowUI 4
kvpNonFullScrPageMode 64
kvpPrintArea &h00000400
kvpPrintClip &h00000800
kvpUseNone 0
kvpViewArea &h00000100
kvpViewClip &h00000200
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