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FAQ.How to convert a text to iso-8859-1 using the TextEncoder?
This code can help you althrough it's not perfect.
You need to set lc to the current color you use.
dim outstring as string
dim theMac, thePC as textencoding
dim Mac2PC as textconverter

theMac = getTextEncoding(0) // MacRoman
thePC = getTextEncoding(&h0201) // ISOLatin1

Mac2PC = getTextConverter(theMac, thePC)
// if you wanted to do the opposite just create a converter
// PC2Mac = getTextConverter(thePC, theMac)

outstring = Mac2PC.convert("Björn, this text should be converted")
Notes: You have to call Mac2PC.clear after every conversion to reset the encoding engine.

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