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Required plugins for this example: MBS ChartDirector Plugin
You find this example project in your Plugins Download as a Xojo project file within the examples folder: /ChartDirector/wafermap
This example is the version from Fri, 29th Apr 2021.
Project "wafermap.xojo_binary_project"
Class App Inherits Application
Const kEditClear = "&Delete"
Const kFileQuit = "&Quit"
Const kFileQuitShortcut = ""
End Class
Class MainWindow Inherits Window
EventHandler Sub Open() CDBaseChartMBS.ScaleFactor = 2 // The diameter of the wafer Const diameter = 20 Dim radius As Double = diameter / 2.0 // The random data array are for a square grid of 20 x 20 cells Dim r As New CDRanSeriesMBS(2) Dim zData() As Double = r.get2DSeries(diameter, diameter, 0, 100) // We remove cells that are outside the wafer circle by setting them to NoValue For i As Integer = 0 To zData.ubound Dim x As Double = (i Mod diameter) + 0.5 Dim y As Double = (i - x) / diameter + 0.5 If ((x - radius) * (x - radius) + (y - radius) * (y - radius) > radius * radius) Then // out of wafer, so clear value zData(i) = CDBaseChartMBS.kNoValue end if Next // Create an XYChart object of size 520 x 480 pixels. Dim c As New CDXYChartMBS(520, 480) // Add a title the chart with 15pt Arial Bold font Call c.addTitle("Wafer Map Demonstration", "Arial Bold", 15) // Set the plotarea at (50, 40) and of size 400 x 400 pixels. Set the backgound and border to // transparent. Set both horizontal and vertical grid lines to light grey. (&hdddddd) Dim p As CDPlotAreaMBS =c.setPlotArea(50, 40, 400, 400, -1, -1, CDBaseChartMBS.kTransparent, &hdddddd, &hdddddd) // Create a discrete heat map with 20 x 20 cells Dim layer As CDDiscreteHeatMapLayerMBS = c.addDiscreteHeatMapLayer(zData, diameter) // Set the x-axis scale. Use 8pt Arial Bold font. Set axis color to transparent, so only the // labels visible. Set 0.5 offset to position the labels in between the grid lines. c.xAxis.setLinearScale(0, diameter, 1) Call c.xAxis.setLabelStyle("Arial Bold", 8) c.xAxis.setColors(CDBaseChartMBS.kTransparent, CDBaseChartMBS.kTextColor) c.xAxis.setLabelOffset(0.5) // Set the y-axis scale. Use 8pt Arial Bold font. Set axis color to transparent, so only the // labels visible. Set 0.5 offset to position the labels in between the grid lines. c.yAxis.setLinearScale(0, diameter, 1) Call c.yAxis.setLabelStyle("Arial Bold", 8) c.yAxis.setColors(CDBaseChartMBS.kTransparent, CDBaseChartMBS.kTextColor) c.yAxis.setLabelOffset(0.5) // Position the color axis 20 pixels to the right of the plot area and of the same height as the // plot area. Put the labels on the right side of the color axis. Use 8pt Arial Bold font for // the labels. Dim cAxis As CDColorAxisMBS = layer.setColorAxis(p.getRightX + 20, p.getTopY, CDBaseChartMBS.kTopLeft, p.getHeight, CDBaseChartMBS.kRight) call cAxis.setLabelStyle("Arial Bold", 8) // Output the chart pic = c.makeChartPicture // drawn in paint event End EventHandler
EventHandler Sub Paint(g As Graphics, areas() As REALbasic.Rect) If pic <> Nil Then // scale to window g.DrawPicture pic, 0, 0, g.Width, g.Height, 0, 0, pic.Width, pic.Height End If End EventHandler
Property pic As Picture
End Class
MenuBar MainMenuBar
MenuItem FileMenu = "&File"
MenuItem FileQuit = "#App.kFileQuit"
MenuItem EditMenu = "&Edit"
MenuItem EditUndo = "&Undo"
MenuItem EditSeparator1 = "-"
MenuItem EditCut = "Cu&t"
MenuItem EditCopy = "&Copy"
MenuItem EditPaste = "&Paste"
MenuItem EditClear = "#App.kEditClear"
MenuItem EditSeparator2 = "-"
MenuItem EditSelectAll = "Select &All"
End MenuBar
End Project

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