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DesktopWebView2ControlMBS control

See also classic control: WebView2ControlMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
control WebView2 MBS WinFrameworks Plugin 21.5 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No Desktop only
Function: The MBS control for the Chrome based WebView2 control from Microsoft.
Read about WebView2 control here:

There you also fine the installers needed to install it, unless you have the 2021 version of Windows, which may include it preinstalled.

If you use this control on macOS and Linux, it will do nothing.
On Windows if the control fails to initialize, the Opened event will not fire.
But if it fires, it will be some time after the open event fired as initialization is asynchronous.

If you call LoadURL, LoadHTML or set URL property too early, we cache that and perform the action later when the web viewer is initialized properly.

If you add an event, we register it with the C++ control. So if you don't specify an event, you may get the default behavior.

Image Formats

Constant Value Description
kCapturePreviewImageFormatJPEG 1 JPEG format.
kCapturePreviewImageFormatPNG 0 PNG format.

Permission Kind

Constant Value Description
kPermissionKindCamera 2 Permission to capture video.
kPermissionKindClipboardRead 6 Permission to read system clipboard without a user gesture.
kPermissionKindGeoLocation 3 Permission to access geolocation.
kPermissionKindMicrophone 1 Permission to capture audio.
kPermissionKindNotifications 4 Permission to send web notifications.
kPermissionKindOtherSensors 5 Permission to access generic sensor.
kPermissionKindUnknownPermission 0 Unknown permission.

Permission States

Constant Value Description
kPermissionStateAllow 1 Grant the permission request.
kPermissionStateDefault 0 Use default browser behavior, which normally prompt users for decision.
kPermissionStateDeny 2 Deny the permission request.

Process Failure Kinds

Constant Value Description
kProcessFailedKindBrowserProcessExited 0 Indicates the browser process terminated unexpectedly.
kProcessFailedKindRenderProcessExited 1 Indicates the render process terminated unexpectedly.
kProcessFailedKindRenderProcessUnresponsive 2 Indicates the render process becomes unresponsive.

Error Status Values

Constant Value Description
kWebErrorStatusCannotConnect 12 Cannot connect to destination.
kWebErrorStatusCertificateCommonNameIsIncorrect 1 The SSL certificate common name does not match the web address.
kWebErrorStatusCertificateExpired 2 The SSL certificate has expired.
kWebErrorStatusCertificateIsInvalid 5 The SSL certificate is invalid – this could mean the certificate did not match the public key pins for the host name, the certificate is signed by an untrusted authority or using a weak sign algorithm, the certificate claimed DNS names violate name constraints, the certificate contains a weak key, the certificate's validity period is too long, lack of revocation information or revocation mechanism, non-unique host name, lack of certificate transparency information, or the certificate is chained to a legacy Symantec root.
kWebErrorStatusCertificateRevoked 4 The SSL certificate has been revoked.
kWebErrorStatusClientCertificateContainsErrors 3 The SSL client certificate contains errors.
kWebErrorStatusConnectionAborted 9 The connection was aborted.
kWebErrorStatusConnectionReset 10 The connection was reset.
kWebErrorStatusDisconnected 11 The Internet connection has been lost.
kWebErrorStatusErrorHttpInvalidServerResponse 8 The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response.
kWebErrorStatusHostNameNotResolved 13 Could not resolve provided host name.
kWebErrorStatusOperationCanceled 14 The operation was canceled.
kWebErrorStatusRedirectFailed 15 The request redirect failed.
kWebErrorStatusServerUnreachable 6 The host is unreachable.
kWebErrorStatusTimeout 7 The connection has timed out.
kWebErrorStatusUnexpectedError 16 An unexpected error occurred.
kWebErrorStatusUnknown 0 An unknown error occurred.

Web Resource Context

Constant Value Description
kWebResourceContextAll 0 All resources.
kWebResourceContextCspViolationReport 15 CSP Violation Reports.
kWebResourceContextDocument 1 Document resources.
kWebResourceContextEventSource 10 EventSource API communication.
kWebResourceContextFetch 8 Fetch API communication.
kWebResourceContextFont 5 Font resources.
kWebResourceContextImage 3 Image resources.
kWebResourceContextManifest 12 Web App Manifests.
kWebResourceContextMedia 4 Other media resources such as videos.
kWebResourceContextOther 16 Other resources.
kWebResourceContextPing 14 Ping requests.
kWebResourceContextScript 6 Script resources.
kWebResourceContextSignedExchange 13 Signed HTTP Exchanges.
kWebResourceContextStylesheet 2 CSS resources.
kWebResourceContextTextTrack 9 TextTrack resources.
kWebResourceContextWebSocket 11 WebSocket API communication.
kWebResourceContextXMLHttpRequest 7 XML HTTP requests.

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