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WindowsStoreLicenseMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Windows Store MBS WinFrameworks Plugin 23.1 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No Desktop only
Provides license info for a durable add-on that is associated with the current app.

To retrieve StoreLicense objects for the durable add-ons for the current app, use the WindowsStoreAppLicenseMBS.AddOnLicenses property. This property contains only the add-on licenses that are still valid and provide the current user with an entitlement to use the add-on. When an add-on license expires or is longer valid, it will no longer be available in the WindowsStoreAppLicenseMBS.AddOnLicenses collection.
This is an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

This class has no sub classes.

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