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WindowsDeviceInformationMBS class   New in 24.3

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class Bluetooth MBS WinFrameworks Plugin 24.3 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No Desktop, Console & Web
Represents a device.

This class allows access to well-known device properties as well as additional properties specified during device enumeration.

A DeviceInformation object is composed of an identity (DeviceInformation.Id), a kind (DeviceInformation.Kind), and a property bag (DeviceInformation.Properties). All of the other properties of a DeviceInformation object are derived from the Properties property bag. For example, Name is derived from System.ItemNameDisplay.

Successful completion of FindAllAsync results in a DeviceInformationCollection containing DeviceInformation objects.

If a call to CreateWatcher succeeds, a DeviceInformation object is passed to the added event for each device that is found.

The Name property should only be used for display purposes only and not for finding a device because the Name can change due to localization or a user assigning a name.
CreateFromIdAsync creates a DeviceInformation object if successful.

The DeviceInformation class provides device information, but more specifically, it provides properties of the device interface, the interface that represents functionality that the device exposes. Multi-function devices may have more than one device interface. The physical object that a user sees as a device, is known as the device container, and has properties such as Manufacturer and ModelID. For more information about enumerating devices and recovering properties, see Enumerate devices.

Device Kind

Constant Value Description
KindAssociationEndpoint 5 The DeviceInformation object represents a device association endpoint (AEP). AEPs usually represent a device discovered over a wireless or network protocol. Some of these endpoints can be used without needing to first pair the device. Use CanPair to determine if a device supports pairing and IsPaired to determine if a device is already paired with the system. Only AssociationEndpoint objects have a non-NULL value for Pairing. For more information about pairing over a network, see Enumerate devices over a network. An AssociationEndpoint object is a child of a single AssociationEndpointContainer object and can contain 0 or more AssociationEndpointService objects. more
KindAssociationEndpointContainer 6 The DeviceInformation object represents an association endpoint (AEP) container. An AssociationEndpointContainer object represents a single physical device that might have more than one AssociationEndpoint objects associated with it. For example, if a television supports two different network protocols, the AssociationEndpointContainer would be the television. It would also have two AssociationEndpoint objects to represent each protocol. more
KindAssociationEndpointService 7 The DeviceInformation object represents an association endpoint (AEP) Service. An AssociationEndpointService object represents a functional service contract exposed by the device. Not all protocols support AEP services. An AssociationEndpointService can have a single parent AssociationEndpointContainer object. more
KindDevice 3 The DeviceInformation object represents a device object. This could also be referred to as a devnode. These devices are objects that represent a piece of the device functionality and optionally have drivers loaded on them. When a physical device is paired with windows, multiple Device objects are created for it. A device contains 0 or more DeviceInterface objects, is a child to one DeviceContainer object, and is related to 0 or 1 AssociationEndpoint objects. more
KindDeviceContainer 2 The DeviceInformation object represents a device container. DeviceContainer objects describe a collection of device objects that exist in the same physical device. For example, a multi-function printer may have several different devices included, but they would all exist as part of the parent DeviceContainer object. more
KindDeviceInterface 1 The DeviceInformation object represents a PnP device interface. These are exposed by device drivers to enable an app to talk to the device, typically using device IOCTLS (input output controls). more
KindDeviceInterfaceClass 4 The DeviceInformation object represents a device interface class. Every DeviceInterface object belongs to a certain DeviceInterfaceClass. This is similar to a contract definition. These contracts are represented with an id and properties, just like every other PnP object. DeviceInterfaceClass objects contain little more information than a unique identifier and possibly a name. more
KindDevicePanel 8 The DeviceInformation object represents a single physical face of a device enclosure.
The Id for this object as a string.
KindUnknown 0 The object is of an unknown type. This value is not used.

This class has no sub classes.

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