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WebView2WindowFeaturesMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class WebView2 MBS WinFrameworks Plugin 21.5 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No Desktop only
The window features for a WebView popup window.

The fields match the windowFeatures passed to as specified in Window features on MDN. There is no requirement for you to respect the values. If your app does not have corresponding UI features (for example, no toolbar) or if all instance of WebView are opened in tabs and do not have distinct size or positions, then your app does not respect the values. You may want to respect values, but perhaps only some apply to the UI of you app. Accordingly, you may respect all, some, or none of the properties as appropriate for your app. For all numeric properties, if the value that is passed to is outside the range of an unsigned 32bit int, the resulting value is the absolute value of the maximum for unsigned 32bit integer. If you are not able to parse the value an integer, it is considered 0. If the value is a floating point value, it is rounded down to an integer.
This is an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

This class has no sub classes.

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