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VLCMediaMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class VLC MBS VLC Plugin 12.2 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ❌ No Desktop, Console & Web
Function: The VLC class for a media item.

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Metadata Types Constants

Constant Value Description
kMetaActors 22 Actors
kMetaAlbum 4 Album
kMetaAlbumArtist 23 Album artist
kMetaArtist 1 Artist
kMetaArtworkURL 15 Artwork URL
kMetaCopyright 3 Copyright
kMetaDate 8 Date
kMetaDescription 6 Description
kMetaDirector 18 Director
kMetaDiscNumber 24 Disc number
kMetaDiscTotal 25 Disc total
kMetaEncodedBy 14 Encode By
kMetaEpisode 20 Episode
kMetaGenre 2 Genre
kMetaLanguage 11 Language
kMetaNowPlaying 12 Now Playing
kMetaPublisher 13 Publisher
kMetaRating 7 Rating
kMetaSeason 19 Season
kMetaSetting 9 Setting
kMetaShowName 21 ShowName
kMetaTitle 0 Title
kMetaTrackID 16 Track ID
kMetaTrackNumber 5 Track Number
kMetaTrackTotal 17 Total
kMetaURL 10 URL

Media Option Constants

Constant Value Description
kOptionTrusted 2 Trusted
kOptionUnique 16 Unique

State Constants

Constant Value Description
kStateBuffering 2 Buffering
kStateEnded 6 Ended
kStateError 7 Error
kStateNothingSpecial 0 Nothing special. Video closed for example.
kStateOpening 1 Opening
kStatePaused 4 Paused
kStatePlaying 3 Playing
kStateStopped 5 Stopped

Track Type Constants

Constant Value Description
kTrackTypeAudio 0 Audio
kTrackTypeText 2 Text
kTrackTypeUnknown -1 Unknown type
kTrackTypeVideo 1 Video

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