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UIPrintInteractionControllerMBS class   New in 24.2

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Printing iOS MBS iOS Plugin 24.2 ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes iOS only
A user interface that manages the printing of documents, images, and other printable content in iOS.
Sub Pressed()
printController = New MyUIPrintInteractionControllerMBS

Dim printinfo As New UIPrintInfoMBS
printinfo.outputType = printinfo.OutputGrayscale
printinfo.duplex = printinfo.DuplexLongEdge
printinfo.jobName = "testing"
printinfo.printerID = "Laserdrucker._ipp._tcp.local."

printController.showsNumberOfCopies = True
printController.printInfo = printinfo
printController.printingItem = LogoImageData

End Sub

UIPrintInteractionController is the central class for printing in iOS. The shared instance of it represents a print job. A print job includes the content to print and information and options related to its printing, such as output type, job name, paper size, and orientation.

If the showsPageRange property is true, the number of pages is more than 1, and you assign an object to any of these properties except for the printingItems property, the printing options include a control that allows users to select a page range.

When users tap a print button on the app’s user interface, a controller object of the app should respond to the action message by obtaining the shared instance of UIPrintInteractionController and preparing it for the print job. When the app calls one of the present methods, UIPrintInteractionController displays a view containing printing options. This interface is simple, allowing users to select a printer, specify the number of copies and possibly a range of pages, and choose single-sided or double-sided printing (if the printer supports duplex printing). When users make their selections and tap Print, the print job begins.

Print Errors

Constant Value Description
PrintingNotAvailableError 1 An image is in a format that UIKit doesn’t recognize for printing.
PrintJobFailedError 4 An internal error occurred with the print job.
PrintNoContentError 2 UIKit hasn’t assigned a print formatter, page renderer, or printing item to print.
PrintUnknownImageFormatError 3 Unknown image format.

This class has no sub classes.

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Release notes

  • Version 24.2
    • Added classes for printing on iOS: UIPrintPaperMBS, UIPrintInteractionControllerMBS, UIPrintInfoMBS, UIPrinterPickerControllerMBS and UIPrinterMBS.

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