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ScintillaMarkerMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Scintilla MBS Scintilla Plugin 22.0 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No Desktop only
Function: The class for a marker.
Notes: This is an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

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Marker Outline

Constant Value Description
kMarkerOutlineFolder 30 Folder entry.
kMarkerOutlineFolderEnd 25 End of folder line.
kMarkerOutlineFolderMidTail 27 Middle part of tail.
kMarkerOutlineFolderOpen 31 Open folder.
kMarkerOutlineFolderOpenMid 26 Middle of an open folder.
kMarkerOutlineFolderSub 29 Sub folder.
kMarkerOutlineFolderTail 28 The tail line on a folder.

Marker Symbols

Constant Value Description
kMarkerSymbolArrow 2 An arrow to right.
kMarkerSymbolArrowDown 6 An arrow to down.
kMarkerSymbolArrows 24 Several arrows.
kMarkerSymbolAvailable 28 Available number.
kMarkerSymbolBackground 22 Background color filled.
kMarkerSymbolBookmark 31 Bookmark symbols left to right.
kMarkerSymbolBoxMinus 14 A circle with minus.
kMarkerSymbolBoxMinusConnected 15 Box with minus and connected with line.
kMarkerSymbolBoxPlus 12 A circle with plus.
kMarkerSymbolBoxPlusConnected 13 Box with plus and connected with lines.
kMarkerSymbolCharacter 10000 Character.
kMarkerSymbolCircle 0 A circle.
kMarkerSymbolCircleMinus 20 Circle with minus.
kMarkerSymbolCircleMinusConnected 21 Circle with minus and connected with lines.
kMarkerSymbolCirclePlus 18 Circle with plus.
kMarkerSymbolCirclePlusConnected 19 Circle with plus and connected with lines.
kMarkerSymbolDotDotDot 23 Three dots.
kMarkerSymbolEmpty 5 Empty marker.
kMarkerSymbolFullRect 26 Full rectangle.
kMarkerSymbolLCorner 10 Line from top to right.
kMarkerSymbolLCornerCurve 16 Line from top to right with curve.
kMarkerSymbolLeftRect 27 Rectangle on the left side.
kMarkerSymbolMinus 7 Symbol with minus.
kMarkerSymbolPixmap 25 A picture.
kMarkerSymbolPlus 8 Symbol with plus.
kMarkerSymbolRgbaImage 30 RGBA picture.
kMarkerSymbolRoundRect 1 Round rectangle.
kMarkerSymbolShortArrow 4 Short arrow.
kMarkerSymbolSmallRect 3 Small rectangle.
kMarkerSymbolTCorner 11 Line from top to bottom with line to right.
kMarkerSymbolTCornerCurve 17 Line from top to bottom with line to right with curves.
kMarkerSymbolUnderline 29 Underline
kMarkerSymbolVerticalBookmark 32 Bookmark symbols top to bottom.
kMarkerSymbolVLine 9 Vertical line.

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