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PHPickerConfigurationMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Photos MBS iOS Plugin 22.5 ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes Desktop & iOS
An object that contains information about how to configure a picker view controller.

Asset Representation Modes

Constant Value Description
AssetRepresentationModeAutomatic 0 A mode that indicates that the system chooses the appropriate asset representation.
AssetRepresentationModeCompatible 2 A mode that uses the most compatible asset representation.
AssetRepresentationModeCurrent 1 A mode that uses the current representation to avoid transcoding, if possible.


Constant Value Description
CapabilitiesCollectionNavigation 4 The sidebar or the albums tab.
CapabilitiesNone 0 No specified capabilities.
CapabilitiesSearch 1 The search bar.
CapabilitiesSelectionActions 8 The "Cancel" and the "Add" (if possible) button.
CapabilitiesSensitivityAnalysisIntervention 16 Show intervention UI explaining potential risks for kids or teens if a sensitive asset is selected. Analysis and intervention will only be performed if "Communications Safety" is enabled in ScreenTime.
CapabilitiesStagingArea 2 The staging area.


Constant Value Description
ModeCompact 1 Compact picker mode (single row).
ModeDefault 0 Default picker mode.

Selection Behavior

Constant Value Description
SelectionContinuous 2 Selection can be delivered continuously.
For macOS 14 and iOS 17 or newer.
SelectionContinuousAndOrdered 3 Selection can be delivered continuously and uses the selection order made by the user. Selected assets are numbered.
For macOS 14 and iOS 17 or newer.
SelectionDefault 0 Uses the default selection behavior.
SelectionOrdered 1 Uses the selection order made by the user, numbering the selected assets.

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