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class Cocoa Networking MBS MacBase Plugin 15.2 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes All
The class for URL.

An NSURL object represents a URL that can potentially contain the location of a resource on a remote server, the path of a local file on disk, or even an arbitrary piece of encoded data.

Please also review Apples documentation on this class:

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This class has no sub classes.

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Release notes

  • Version 23.0
    • Changed EffectiveIcon and LabelColor in NSURLMBS to return variant to reduce dependencies.
  • Version 22.1
    • Added UbiquitousItemIsExcludedFromSync, UbiquitousItemUploadingError, UbiquitousItemIsUploading, UbiquitousItemIsUploaded, UbiquitousItemIsShared, UbiquitousItemIsDownloading, UbiquitousItemIsDownloaded, UbiquitousItemHasUnresolvedConflicts, UbiquitousItemDownloadRequested, UbiquitousItemDownloadingStatus, UbiquitousItemDownloadingError, UbiquitousItemContainerDisplayName and IsUbiquitousItem properties to NSURLMBS class.
  • Version 21.5
    • Added NSURLUbiquitousItemIsExcludedFromSyncKey to NSURLMBS class.
  • Version 21.2
    • Added more key getters for NSURLMBS class.
  • Version 20.5
  • Version 20.3
    • Fixed VolumeIdentifier and FileResourceIdentifier properties in NSURLMBS to return data as hex string.

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