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IEWebBrowserMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class HTMLViewer Win MBS Win Plugin 20.0 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No Desktop only
Function: The class for a web browser.
For HTMLViewer based on Internet Explorer on Windows.
All the methods and properties may raise IEExceptionMBS exceptions in case of failure.

Based on IWebBrowser2 interface:

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Navigation Flags

Constant Value Description
NavigateAllowAutosearch &h10 If the navigation fails, the autosearch functionality attempts to navigate common root domains (.com, .edu, and so on). If this also fails, the URL is passed to a search engine.
NavigateBlockRedirectsXDomain &h8000 Internet Explorer 8. Block cross-domain redirect requests.
NavigateBrowserBar &h20 Causes the current Explorer Bar to navigate to the given item, if possible.
NavigateEnforceRestricted &h80 Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP SP2 and later. Force the URL into the restricted zone.
NavigateHyperlink &h40 Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP SP2 and later. If the navigation fails when a hyperlink is being followed, this constant specifies that the resource should then be bound to the moniker using the BINDF_HYPERLINK flag.
NavigateKeepWordWheelText &h2000 Internet Explorer 7. Maintain state for dynamic navigation based on the filter string entered in the search band text box (wordwheel). Restore the wordwheel text when the navigation completes.
NavigateNewWindowsManaged &h100 Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP SP2 and later. Use the default Popup Manager to block pop-up windows.
NavigateNoHistory 2 Do not add the resource or file to the history list. The new page replaces the current page in the list.
NavigateNoReadFromCache 4 Not implemented.
NavigateNoWriteToCache 8 Not implemented.
NavigateOpenInBackgroundTab &h1000 Internet Explorer 7. Open the resource or file in a new background tab; the currently active window and/or tab remains open on top.
NavigateOpenInNewTab &h800 Internet Explorer 7. Open the resource or file in a new tab. Allow the destination window to come to the foreground, if necessary.
NavigateOpenNewForegroundTab &h10000 Internet Explorer 8 and later. Open the resource in a new tab that becomes the foreground tab.
NavigateTrustedForActiveX &h400 Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP SP2 and later. Prompt for the installation of ActiveX controls.
NavigateUntrustedForDownload &h200 Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP SP2 and later. Block files that normally trigger a file download dialog box.
NavigateVirtualTab &h4000 Internet Explorer 8. Open the resource as a replacement for the current or target tab. The existing tab is closed while the new tab takes its place in the tab bar and replaces it in the tab group, if any. Browser history is copied forward to the new tab. On Windows Vista, this flag is implied if the navigation would cross integrity levels and navOpenInNewTab, navOpenInBackgroundTab, or navOpenInNewWindow is not specified.

Ready States

Constant Value Description
ReadyStateComplete 4 Object has received all of its data.
ReadyStateInteractive 3 Object is interactive, but not all of its data is available.
ReadyStateLoaded 2 Object has been initialized.
ReadyStateLoading 1 Object is currently loading its properties.
ReadyStateUninitialized 0 Default initialization state.

Refresh Levels

Constant Value Description
RefreshCompletely 2 Refresh without forced cache validation by sending a "Pragma:no-cache" header to the server (HTTP URLs only). Same as pressing Ctrl+F5 in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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