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CSIdentityMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Collaboration MBS MacFrameworks Plugin 13.0 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes All
A CSIdentity object represents a user or group entity known to the system.

An identity object has the following required attributes: a class (user or group), a unique identitfier (UUID), a full name, a Posix ID (UID or GID), and a Posix name (a.k.a. "short" name). There are also a number of optional attributes such as email address, image data, etc.

Group identities have a membership which may include both users as well as other groups. An identity can be tested for membership in a specific group.

A CSIdentity object is a private copy of the identity information. It can be modified in memory, but requires authorization to commit changes back to the identity authority database. On OS X version 10.5, only local identities can be created, modified or deleted, and only by users with Administrator credentials.

Changes may be committed synchronously or asynchronously. All data validation occurs at commit time.
Two identities are equal if they have the same class and UUID.


Constant Value Description
kCSIdentityFlagHidden -1 One of the flags for identity creation. This flag causes the identity to be "hidden," that is, excluded from most user-visible identity lists. Hidden identities include administrative users and groups such as root, www, and mysql. System service access control groups should be created with the hidden flag.
kCSIdentityFlagNone 0 One of the flags for identity creation. Use this flag to set no optional attributes for a new identity.

Identity Class Constants

Constant Value Description
kCSIdentityClassGroup 2 The class value for group identities.
kCSIdentityClassUser 1 The class value for user identities.

This class has no sub classes.

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Release notes

  • Version 23.5
    • Changed CSIdentityMBS class to have 15 properties visible in debugger.
  • Version 22.5
    • Disabled debug logging left over in CSIdentityMBS class constructor.

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