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CNContactMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Contacts MBS Mac64bit Plugin 16.3 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes Desktop & iOS
Function: The class for a contact.
The CNContact is a thread-safe class that represents an immutable value object for contact properties, such as the first name and phone numbers of a contact. CNContact is similar to a complex Foundation collection, in that it has a mutable subclass (CNMutableContact). Neither the CNContact nor CNMutableContact class maintain a reference to their data store. Every contact has a unique ID, which you obtain using the identifier property.
This is an abstract class. You can't create an instance, but you can get one from various plugin functions.

Sort Orders

Constant Value Description
CNContactSortOrderFamilyName 3 Order by Family Name.
CNContactSortOrderGivenName 2 Order by Given Name.
CNContactSortOrderNone 0 Order by no order.
CNContactSortOrderUserDefault 1 Order by user preference.

Contact Types

Constant Value Description
CNContactTypeOrganization 1 The contact is an Organization.
CNContactTypePerson 0 The contact is a person.

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