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CKRecordMBS class

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class CloudKit MBS Mac64bit Plugin 16.5 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes All
A dictionary of key-value pairs that you use to fetch and save the data of your app.

Records are the fundamental objects you use to manage data in CloudKit. You may define any number of record types for your app, with each record type corresponding to a different type of information you need. Within a given record type, you then define one or more fields, each of which has a name and a data value. Records can contain simple data types such as strings and numbers or more complex types such as geographic locations or pointers to other records.

An important step in using CloudKit is defining the record types your app supports. Each new record object contains no keys or values initially. During development, you can add new keys and values at any time. The first time you set a value for a key and save the record, the server associates that type with the key for all records of the same type. (The CKRecordMBS class does not enforce these type constraints or do any local validation of a record’s contents; those constraints are enforced by the server when you save records.)


The ability to add new keys is only possible during development. When you deploy to a production environment, the server returns an error when you try to specify an unknown record type or try to save a record containing unknown keys.
Although records act like dictionaries, there are still limitations to the types of values you can assign to keys. The following are the object types that the CKRecord class supports. Attempting to specify objects of any other type is a programmer error and will fail. Fields of all types are searchable unless otherwise noted.

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