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CKContainerMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class CloudKit MBS Mac64bit Plugin 16.5 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes All
An encapsulation of content associated with an app, including content that is accessible to all users and content that is available only to a specific user.

A container object manages all explicit and implicit attempts to access the contents of the container.

Every app has a default container object that manages its own native content. If you develop a suite of apps, you can also access any container objects for which you have the appropriate entitlements. Each new container distinguishes between publicly available data and data that is private to the current user. Private data is always stored in the appropriate container directory in the user’s iCloud account.



Constant Value Description
CKApplicationPermissionStatusCouldNotComplete 1 One of the constants indicating whether the app has been granted a specific permission. An error occurred during the getting or setting of the app permission. Consult the provided NSErrorMBS object for more information.
CKApplicationPermissionStatusDenied 2 One of the constants indicating whether the app has been granted a specific permission. The user denied access to the permission.
CKApplicationPermissionStatusGranted 3 One of the constants indicating whether the app has been granted a specific permission. The user granted access to the permission.
CKApplicationPermissionStatusInitialState 0 One of the constants indicating whether the app has been granted a specific permission. The user has not yet decided whether to grant this permission. Use the requestApplicationPermission method to ask the user to grant the permission.
CKApplicationPermissionUserDiscoverability 1 The current user is discoverable (through the user’s email address) to other users of the app.


Constant Value Description
CKAccountStatusAvailable 1 The user’s iCloud account is available and may be used by this app.
CKAccountStatusCouldNotDetermine 0 An error occurred during an attempt to retrieve the account status. Consult the provided NSError object for more information.
CKAccountStatusNoAccount 3 The user’s iCloud account is not available because no account information has been provided for this device.
CKAccountStatusRestricted 2 The user’s iCloud account is not available. Access was denied due to Parental Controls or Mobile Device Management restrictions.


Constant Value Description
ErrorAlreadyShared 30 A record/share cannot be saved, doing so would cause a hierarchy of records to exist in multiple shares.
ErrorAssetFileModified 17 Asset file content was modified while being saved.
ErrorAssetFileNotFound 16 Asset file was not found.
ErrorBadContainer 5 Un-provisioned or unauthorized container. Try provisioning the container before retrying the operation.
ErrorBadDatabase 24 Operation could not be completed on the given database. Likely caused by attempting to modify zones in the public database.
ErrorBatchRequestFailed 22 One of the items in this batch operation failed in a zone with atomic updates, so the entire batch was rejected.
ErrorChangeTokenExpired 21 The previousServerChangeToken value is too old and the client must re-sync from scratch.
ErrorConstraintViolation 19 The server rejected the request because there was a conflict with a unique field.
ErrorIncompatibleVersion 18 App version is less than the minimum allowed version.
ErrorInternalError 1 CloudKit.framework encountered an error. This is a non-recoverable error.
ErrorInvalidArguments 12 Bad client request (bad record graph, malformed predicate)
ErrorLimitExceeded 27 The request to the server was too large. Retry this request as a smaller batch.
ErrorManagedAccountRestricted 32 Request was rejected due to a managed account restriction.
ErrorMissingEntitlement 8 Missing entitlement
ErrorNetworkFailure 4 Network error (available but CFNetwork gave us an error)
ErrorNetworkUnavailable 3 Network not available
ErrorNotAuthenticated 9 Not authenticated (writing without being logged in, no user record)
ErrorOperationCancelled 20 A CKOperation was explicitly cancelled.
ErrorPartialFailure 2 Some items failed, but the operation succeeded overall. Check CKPartialErrorsByItemIDKey in the userInfo dictionary for more details.
ErrorParticipantMayNeedVerification 33 Share Metadata cannot be determined, because the user is not a member of the share. There are invited participants on the share with email addresses or phone numbers not associated with any iCloud account. The user may be able to join the share if they can associate one of those email addresses or phone numbers with their iCloud account via the system Share Accept UI. Call UIApplication's openURL on this share URL to have the user attempt to verify their information.
ErrorPermissionFailure 10 Access failure (save, fetch, or shareAccept)
ErrorQuotaExceeded 25 Saving a record would exceed quota
ErrorReferenceViolation 31 The target of a record's parent or share reference was not found.
ErrorRequestRateLimited 7 Client is being rate limited
ErrorResultsTruncated 13 Results Truncated. Deprecated and will not be returned.
ErrorServerRecordChanged 14 The record was rejected because the version on the server was different.
ErrorServerRejectedRequest 15 The server rejected this request. This is a non-recoverable error.
ErrorServiceUnavailable 6 Service unavailable
ErrorTooManyParticipants 29 A share cannot be saved because there are too many participants attached to the share.
ErrorUnknownItem 11 Record does not exist
ErrorUserDeletedZone 28 The user deleted this zone through the settings UI. Your client should either remove its local data or prompt the user before attempting to re-upload any data to this zone.
ErrorZoneBusy 23 The server is too busy to handle this zone operation. Try the operation again in a few seconds.
ErrorZoneNotFound 26 The specified zone does not exist on the server.

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Release notes

  • Version 21.3
    • Added registerCloudKitShare and registerCloudKitShareWithPreparationHandler to CKContainerMBS class.
  • Version 21.2
    • Added new constructor for CKContainerMBS class to create a copy with your subclass.

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