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Argon2MBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Targets
class Encryption and Hash MBS Encryption Plugin 16.4 Yes Yes Yes All
Function: The class to calculate hashes using Argon2.
dim a as new Argon2MBS

a.OutputLength = 24
a.Password = "password"
a.Salt = "somesalt"
a.cost = 2
a.MemoryCost = 65536 // 64 Megabytes
a.Lanes = 4
a.Threads = 4

dim hash as string = a.Calc(a.kTypeI)
dim t as string = EncodeHex(hash)

if t = "45d7ac72e76f242b20b77b9bf9bf9d5915894e669a24e6c6" then
// ok
Break // failed
end if
You can use this class to calculate password hashes.
Due to the cost associated to calculate it, the hash is difficult to brute force.


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