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ArchiveWriteDiskMBS class

Super class: ArchiveWriterMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Targets
class Archive MBS Compression Plugin 19.0 Yes Yes Yes All
Function: The archive subclass class for writing files to disk.
To create objects on disk:

1) Ask Constructor for a new ArchiveWriteDiskMBS object.
2) Set any global properties. In particular, you probably want to set the options.
3) For each entry: construct an appropriate ArchiveEntryMBS object, use WriteHeader to create the file/dir/etc on disk, use WriteData to write the entry data
4) Release object to cleanup the writer and release resources

In particular, you can use this in conjunction with ArchiveReaderMBS to pull entries out of an archive and create them on disk.
Subclass of the ArchiveWriterMBS class.

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Super class ArchiveWriterMBS

Super class ArchiverMBS

This class has no sub classes.

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