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ArchiverMBS constants

Error Codes

Constant Value Description
kArchiveEOF 1 Found end of archive.
kArchiveFailed -25 Current operation cannot complete.
But if writeHeader is "fatal," then this archive is dead and useless.
kArchiveFatal -30 No more operations are possible.
kArchiveOK 0 Operation was successful.
kArchiveRetry -10 Retry might succeed.
kArchiveWarn -20 Partial success.
For example, if writeHeader "fails", then you can't push data.


Constant Value Description
kFilterBZip2 2 bzip2 filter
kFilterCompress 3 compress filter.
kFilterGRZip 12 GRZip filter.
kFilterGZip 1 gzip filter.
kFilterLRZip 10 LRZip filter.
kFilterLZ4 13 LZ4 Filter.
kFilterLZip 9 LZip filter.
kFilterLZMA 5 LZMA filter.
kFilterLZOP 11 Lzop filter.
kFilterNone 0 No filter.
kFilterProgram 4 Program filter.
kFilterRPM 8 RPM filter.
kFilterUU 7 UU filter.
kFilterXZ 6 XZ filter.


Constant Value Description
kFormat7Zip &he0000 7Zip
kFormatAr &h70000 Unix Archive format, base type.
kFormatArBsd &h70002 Archive, BSD format.
kFormatArGnu &h70001 Archive, GNU format.
kFormatBaseMask &hff0000 Mask for Base Type.
kFormatCab &hc0000 Windows CAB format.
kFormatCpio &h10000 CPIO base format.
kFormatCpioAfioLarge &h10006 CPIO format, AFIO large variant.
kFormatCpioBinBe &h10003 CPIO format, BIN BE variant.
kFormatCpioBinLe &h10002 CPIO format, BIN LE variant.
kFormatCpioPosix &h10001 CPIO format, Posix variant.
kFormatCpioSvr4Crc &h10005 CPIO format, SVR4 CRC variant.
kFormatCpioSvr4Nocrc &h10004 CPIO format, SVR4 no CRC variant.
kFormatEmpty &h60000 Empty format.
kFormatIso9660 &h40000 IOS 9660 base type.
kFormatIso9660Rockridge &h40001 IOS 9660, Rockridge variant.
kFormatLha &hb0000 LHA format.
kFormatMtree &h80000 MTree format.
kFormatRar &hd0000 RAR format.
kFormatRARv5 &h10000 Rar v5 format
kFormatRaw &h90000 Raw format.
kFormatShar &h20000 SHAR base format.
kFormatSharBase &h20001 SHAR base format, base variant.
kFormatSharDump &h20002 SHAR base format, dump variant.
kFormatTar &h30000 Tar base format.
kFormatTarGnutar &h30004 Tar format, GNU variant.
kFormatTarPaxInterchange &h30002 Tar format, Pax Interchange variant.
kFormatTarPaxRestricted &h30003 Tar format, Pax Restricted variant.
kFormatTarUstar &h30001 Tar format, US variant.
kFormatWarc &hf0000 WArc format.
kFormatXar &ha0000 Xar format
kFormatZip &h50000 Zip format.
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