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ArchiveReaderMBS class

Super class: ArchiverMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Targets
class Archive MBS Compression Plugin 16.2 Yes Yes Yes All
Function: The class to read archive content.
dim a as new ArchiveReaderMBS

// open file

dim f as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("")

if not a.OpenFile(f) then
Break // path invalid?
end if

dim e as ArchiveEntryMBS = a.NextHeader
while e <> nil

print e.PathName

e = a.NextHeader
Can be used to read zip, tar and other image formats.
Subclass of the ArchiverMBS class.

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Encryption Status constants.

Constant Value Description
kEncryptionDontKnow -1 If the reader for some other reason (e.g. not enough bytes read) cannot say if there are encrypted entries, kEncryptionDontKnow is returned.
kEncryptionUnsupported -2 In case the archive does not support encryption detection at all kEncryptionUnsupported is returned.

Extract Flags

Constant Value Description
kExtractACL &h20 Default: Do not restore ACLs.
kExtractClearNoChangeFFlags &h20000 Default: Do not clear no-change flags when unlinking object.
kExtractFileFlags &h40 Default: Do not restore fflags.
kExtractHFSCompressionForced &h8000 Default: Do not use HFS+ compression if it was not compressed.
This has no effect except on Mac OS v10.6 or later.
kExtractMacMetadata &h2000 Default: Do not restore Mac extended metadata.
This has no effect except on Mac OS.
kExtractNoAutoDir &h400 Default: Create parent directories as needed.
kExtractNoHFSCompression &h4000 Default: Use HFS+ compression if it was compressed.
This has no effect except on Mac OS v10.6 or later.
kExtractNoOverwrite 8 Default: Replace existing files.
kExtractNoOverwriteNewer &h800 Default: Overwrite files, even if one on disk is newer.
kExtractOwner 1 Default: Do not try to set owner/group.
kExtractPermission 2 Default: Do obey umask, do not restore SUID/SGID/SVTX bits.
kExtractSecureNoAbsolutePath &h10000 Default: Do not reject entries with absolute paths
kExtractSecureNoDotDot &h200 Default: Do not reject entries with '..' as path elements.
kExtractSecureSymLinks &h100 Default: Do not try to guard against extracts redirected by symlinks.
Note: With kExtractUnlink, will remove any intermediate symlink.
kExtractSparse &h1000 Detect blocks of 0 and write holes instead.
kExtractTime 4 Default: Do not restore mtime/atime.
kExtractUnlink &h10 Default: Try create first, unlink only if create fails with EEXIST.
kExtractXAttr &h80 Default: Do not restore xattrs.

Encryption Capabilities

Constant Value Description
kFormatCapabilitiesEncryptData 1 Reader can detect encrypted data.
kFormatCapabilitiesEncryptMetaData 2 Reader can detect encryptable metadata (pathname, mtime, etc.).
kFormatCapabilitiesNone 0 Current format supports no encryption.

Seek Modes

Constant Value Description
kSeekCur 1 Seek relative to current position.
kSeekEnd 2 Seek relative to end of file.
kSeekSet 0 Seek relative to begin of file.

Super class ArchiverMBS

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