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ArchiveEntryMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Targets
class Archive MBS Compression Plugin 16.2 Yes Yes Yes All
Function: The class for an archive entry.
dim data as string = "Hello World test file. Hello World again."

dim e as new ArchiveEntryMBS
e.PathName = "Hello World.txt"
e.Size = lenb(data)
e.Permissions = &o0644
e.FileType = e.kFileTypeRegular

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File Types

Constant Value Description
kFileTypeBlock &o0060000 Block device.
kFileTypeCharacter &o0020000 Character device.
kFileTypeDirectory &o0040000 Directory
kFileTypeIFO &o0010000 Named pipe (fifo)
kFileTypeLink &o0120000 Symbolic link
kFileTypeMT &o0170000 MT?
kFileTypeRegular &o0100000 Regular file.
kFileTypeSOCK &o0140000 Socket

Symlink Types

Constant Value Description
kSymlinkTypeDirectory 2 Symlink is a directory.
kSymlinkTypeFile 1 Symlink is a file.
kSymlinkTypeUndefined 0 Symlink is of unknown type.

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