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HTMLViewer.PrintToPDFFileMBS(PDFFile as folderitem, LeftMargin as Double = 50.0, TopMargin as Double = 50.0, RightMargin as Double = 50.0, BottomMargin as Double = 50.0) as boolean
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
method HTMLViewer Mac MBS MacControls Plugin 11.0 Yes No No No No
Function: Prints the PDF to a file.
dim file as folderitem = Specialfolder.desktop.child("test.pdf")
if not HTMLViewer1.PrintToPDFFileMBS(file) then
msgbox "Failed"
end if
This item is deprecated and should no longer be used.
This method is not available in Xojo 2020r1 or newer.

This uses the Cocoa printing system to format the web pages into nice pages.
Returns true on success.
Margin is measured in points in the user coordinate space.

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