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Folderitem.OpenAsTiffMBS(HeaderOnly as boolean=false) as TiffPictureMBS
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
method TIFF MBS Images Plugin 4.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: Reads a picture from a TIFF file.
dim f as FolderItem
dim t as TiffPictureMBS


if t<>Nil then
msgbox str(t.width)+" x "+str(t.height)
MsgBox "Problem?"
end if
This method is not depending on any library! It works without QuickTime even on System 7, but as it contains everything needed this method is around 270 KB big!
The plugin supports even more stuff like zlib compressed picture data or JPEGs embedded into TIFFs.

If the function returns nil, you can use a TiffPictureMBS subclass and use the methods there so you get error messages in the error event.

Setting HeaderOnly to true will ignore the actual picture data and load only the header data.

This function works with most Tiff formats, but has problems with some like 16 bit CMYK.

Some examples which use this method:

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