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RenderSamplesMBS(Samples as memoryblock, SampleCount as Integer, Smooth as Integer, Width as Integer, Height as Integer, outlinewidth as Integer, BackColor as color=&c88B5C4, ForeColor as color=&c274C5A, OutLineColor as color=&c203F4E, Bits as Integer = 8, AutoScale as boolean = false) as Picture
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
global method Graphics & Pictures MBS Picture Plugin 9.7 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: Renders audio samples into a picture.
Samples has one byte for each audio value and 2 bytes for each stereo sample.
SampleCount: Number of Samples. = Samples.size/2
Smooth: How smooth the samples should be made.
Width: Width of picture
Height: Height of picture
outlinewidth: The width of the outline (0=no outline)
BackColor: The back color.
ForeColor: the fore color.
OutLineColor: The color for the outline.
Bits: Pass 7 for signed bytes, 8 for unsigned bytes, 15 for signed shorts and 16 for unsigned short values. Pass -32 for Float32 and -64 for Float64.
AutoScale: Whether to scale automatically depending on highest values.

See SoundFileMBS class to get samples cross platform.

Some examples using this global method:

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